Polish man attacked in race-hate assault the minute he got to London

Polish immigrant is savagely attacked in race-hate assault the minute he got off coach at London’s Victoria station and asked strangers for directions

  • Kamil Sobala, 31, was assaulted after getting off his coach at Victoria Station 
  • The brutal attack by a group of men is believed to be racially motivated 
  • No arrests have been made at this time but the investigation is ongoing 

A Polish immigrant has shared the gruesome details of how he was savagely attacked in a racially motivated assault within moments of arriving in London. 

After getting off his coach at Victoria station the 31-year-old explained that he was beaten unconscious by a group of men he had asked directions from. 

Kamil Sobala, who has lived in London before, detailed how the men had asked him where he was from before the beating. 

Kamil Sobala, 31, was attacked within minutes of arriving in London. He revealed that a group of men assaulted him after he asked for directions

Mr Sobala had been travelling to the capital from Bath after flying in from his native country on his return to live in the UK.

He was knocked to the ground and repeatedly punched in the face in the attack in Elizabeth Street that was captured on a mobile phone from inside an adjacent pub.

Following the brutal assault, Mr Sobala has said he is ‘shaken by the experience’ and is so scared that he now fears even walking to the shops and ‘can’t even sleep’. 

He went on to reveal how he woke up in hospital at about 7.50pm on Saturday, 18 June.

He said: ‘I was going to meet some friends and went past the pub to ask directions because my phone was dead.

‘I wanted to know where to go to charge my phone and where the underground station was. These guys, I asked them for some help to find the station. 

‘Instead of them just saying ‘sorry I can’t help you’ they swore at me. Then they asked me where I was from and I said Poland.’

In the next moments, Mr Sobala endured a horrific attack. 

He continued: ‘My back is painful and so is my eye, cheek and face. It was racist. They didn’t start attacking me, only when I said I was from Poland; they punched me until I can’t remember anything.’

The savage attack is believed to be racially motivated. Mr Sobala explained that a group of men assaulted him after asking where he was from.

Footage of the attack has been circulating on social media and shows a man appearing to beat Kamil repeatedly while he lies on the floor. 

At the time of the attack the police were criticised by onlookers for not arriving to help . 

Mr Sobala, who was moving to London with some friends, added: ‘A lady posted a video of me and called the ambulance. I want to thank everyone who helped and that video is good because hopefully the guys will be caught.’

When asked about whether the police had declined to turn up to the incident, the Metropolitan Police said: ‘Officers did not attend this incident but have since spoken to both the victim and witnesses of this assault. The investigation is ongoing to identify the person responsible for this attack.’

They continued: ‘When police receive calls about incidents they are graded on a number of reasons, including whether there is an immediate threat to life. In this case, the caller stated the suspect had left the scene and an ambulance had been called, meaning it was not graded in the highest category for a response.’

There have currently been no arrests but the investigation is ongoing. 

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