Police remind Winnipeggers to use caution when opening the door to strangers

City police are reminding Winnipeggers that it’s not just carolers that could be on your doorstep this holiday season.

They’re telling residents to take precautions when answering the door to unknown people.

Police say to only allow pre-scheduled service providers into your home.

If someone shows up to your door, police say to request identification from the company they are employed by.

If a person claims to be a part of an existing or unrecognizable company, police recommend leaving the person outside while you make a call to the company to confirm.

They say to never feel obligated to bring a person inside your home, and to speak to them through your front door.

If you’re being sold an item you’re unsure about, police suggest considering what is being offered.

“Reputable businesses will avoid high-pressure sales tactics. You don’t have to decide right on the spot. Reputable canvassers will provide contact information for you to follow up and make appointments at a future date,” Winnipeg Police wrote in a media release.

Police say the easiest way to avoid problems is to say no thank you, and shut the door.

If you see or experience any suspicious activity, contact police.

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