Police armed with a BROOM duck for cover when raccoon leaps at them

Masked intruder! Police armed with brooms duck for cover when a RACCOON leaps at them after tense stand-off inside home

  • Police from Chattanooga, Tennessee were called out to a raccoon in a house 
  • An officer waved a broom at the raccoon while another tried to catch it in a box 
  • After a stand off, the officers were left ducking for cover as the raccoon jumped

This is the hilarious moment US police had an encounter with an unlikely masked raider on Thursday. 

Police from Chattanooga, Tennessee were called out to a raccoon in a homeowner’s laundry room. 

The officers tasked with cornering, and attempting to trap, the critter found they had a tricky task on their hands. 

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While one waved a broom at the raccoon, fellow officers waited hopefully with a plastic container in which to trap it. 

After a short stand off, the officers were left ducking for cover when the raccoon launched itself from a high spot directly over their heads and out of the property. 

Seeing the funny side of the situation, Chattanooga Police Department commented: ‘BOLO (Be On Lookout): Home invasion suspect who escaped police custody. 

Officers attended the scene and attempted to catch the invader in the top right of the image 

‘Suspect is 1’10’ tall, approx 12 lbs and wearing a mask. Suspect is also believed to be armed w/ sharp teeth. 

‘If located, call Chattanooga PD and supply responding officers with a broom.’ 

They admitted the scenario was ‘not taught in training.’ 

The officers were surprised when the raccoon made a break for it and escaped the property

An officer with a baton and his colleague with the broom run away after the raccoon jumps

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