PLATELL’S PEOPLE: One teenager ran away to join ISIS

PLATELL’S PEOPLE: One teenager ran away to join ISIS, the other one was killed at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester – and only one of them is truly a victim

Jihadi bride Shamima Begum said she is no longer the ‘silly little 15-year-old girl’ who let herself be groomed by Islamist militants.

When I read that, I thought back to the plight of another 15-year-old.

Almost two years ago, Olivia Campbell-Hardy went to the Manchester Arena to watch an Ariana Grande concert.

However, along with 21 people —including other children as young as eight — the Bury schoolgirl was killed when a terrorist exploded a bomb packed with metal bolts and screws.

Olivia Campbell-Hardy (pictured above) who a victim of the Manchester Arena terrorist attack

Told of her death, her grief-stricken father said: ‘The ones suffering most are the young people in our family. Their world has changed for ever. Suddenly it is not so full of joy and possibility.’

ISIS claimed responsibility for the massacre. This is the same murderous organisation Ms Begum, now 19, was with for four years.

She insults our intelligence to claim she was just a ‘silly’ 15-year-old.

Having been brought up in London and groomed online, she must have been well aware that Islamic extremists killed more than 50 people on the capital’s Underground trains and a bus in the 7/7 terror attacks.

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Shamima Begum (pictured above) left her family home in London to join ISIS in Syria

Since Ms Begum has been in Syria with ISIS, as well as the Manchester Arena bombing, there have been multiple killings on London’s Westminster Bridge and in Borough Market. Many will feel that, as a jihadi bride, Ms Begum is complicit in all these murders.

Despite Home Secretary Sajid Javid saying he’ll ‘not hesitate to prevent’ her return to Britain, I’m sure she will, as she hopes, ‘come home’.

Indeed, the head of MI6 says nothing can be done to stop British fighters and their wives returning to the UK. Thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money would then be spent on Ms Begum — on policing, a possible criminal prosecution, NHS treatment, childcare, housing and even providing her with a new identity.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid (pictured above) said he would not hesitate to prevent Shamima Begum’s return

Of course, the usual bleeding hearts say she’s a victim.

No she isn’t. Olivia Campbell-Hardy and all those others killed or injured (and their grieving families) are the real victims — butchered by a murderous cult which Shamima Begum still shamefully refuses to disown.

Lacking in Klass 

Expecting: Myleene Klass, 40, has announced she’s expecting her third child, her first with boyfriend Simon Motson, revealing the happy news with a Valentine’s Day Instagram 

Bikini model Myleene Klass has made public a photo of her pregnant self, clutching her bump a- la-Meghan. Happy news, indeed. But I just wish that such celebrities would control their vanity and didn’t feel they have to publicise things that ought to remain private.

Case of cow mad disease 

Bosses of a Leicestershire abattoir have allowed vegan activists to briefly stop at their gates any truck taking cattle to their deaths.

The animal-lovers whisper soothingly to the cows: ‘We are sorry. I love you.’ This is because the vegans believe cows ‘have a living soul and conscience’. Now I understand what people mean when they say we are living in an increasingly mad and irreligious age.

Starkey needs a history lesson 

Prince Harry had previously dated Cressida Bonas (left) and Chelsy Davy (centre) before marrying Meghan Markle (right)

Historian David Starkey says he’s glad Prince Harry married actress Meghan Markle because she has ‘poise and elegance’, unlike his previous girlfriends who were ‘Eurotrash’. What a crass and misinformed view of Hampshire-born ‘English rose’ actress Cressida Bonas and Cheltenham Ladies’ College-educated Chelsy Davy. I hope Starkey’s publishers carefully fact-check all his future books.

Message for Meg 

Just one day in the life of the Royal Family this week. Camilla made a heart-felt plea to young girls not to fall for fad diets that risk leaving them in later life with brittle bones and osteoporosis — a disease which prematurely took her mother’s life. Charles urged youngsters to work hard in their studies. Prince William cooked food in a homeless centre. His wife chatted to a group of mothers about the importance of the early years in a child’s development.

Note to Meghan: being a royal is not all about couture and glamorous events. It’s about doing the yards and helping improve people’s lives.

Prince Harry was pictured this week in an igloo in the Arctic Circle, visiting British troops. He looked the most cheerful he’s been for months. Undoubtedly, the -30C temperature was a relief from the broiling stand-off between his wife and her increasingly disloyal American family.

Westminster noticed board   

  • How insulting for the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit to be told by Brussels lap-dog Ken Clarke that the referendum result was merely ‘one daft opinion poll’. It’s time for the 78-year-old Tory to hang up his battered Hush Puppies and quit the Commons.

Ken Clarke (pictured above) has previously said that the referendum was merely ‘one daft opinion poll’

  • At least 100 MPs have defied orders and are taking a half-term holiday instead of knuckling down to sort out Brexit. What message does that send to the millions of families worried that if there’s No Deal, they could lose their jobs and certainly not be able to afford holidays?
  • Boris Johnson’s saucy sister Rachel (above) stripped off her shirt in a stunt on Sky News to make a point about Britain leaving the EU. A flesh-coloured boob-tube protected her modesty. Yet more proof that naked ambition runs in the family.

Political correctness zealots visiting the Blackpool Tower Dungeon say they are offended by the phrase ‘Black Death’ being used to describe displays because it is racist. 

How refreshing that the attraction’s managers responded humorously by offering the alternative the ‘Deadly Disease Of Nondescript Colour’. I only hope they are not blackballed for using the word ‘colour’.

People visiting the Blackpool Tower Dungeon (pictured above) have said they are offended by some phrases used during performances

Despite firing legal pot-shots at each other for the past two years, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have teamed up for the global launch of a rosé wine called ‘Studio by Miraval’ from the Provence vineyard they jointly own. It would have been more honest to have named it Chateau Brand-gelina.

Rugby Union player Ben Foden admits he cheated on his wife of six years and mother of his two young children. But he says his affair with a PR girl wasn’t the only reason for the divorce. Of course it wasn’t. Like most male sex-cheats, their narcissism and inflated ego are also to blame.

Thousands of pupils skipped school yesterday to join protesters highlighting the perils of climate change. I admire their idealism and concern about what they fear will be the environmental damage they believe their parents’ generation will leave them. But why didn’t they demonstrate today, a Saturday? Surely they weren’t encouraged by teachers — who selfishly wanted to tack an extra day onto their half-term holiday?

After her husband’s idiotic ten-hour bender with a barmaid, Coleen Rooney is said to be considering, for the 99th time, calling time on her marriage. For his part, paunchy footballer Wayne has told friends he’d be ‘devastated’ to divorce — but that he would also feel ‘relieved’ because the couple are so unhappy. If only Wayne could realise that marriage is meant to be for life, not just a game of 90 minutes. 

According to new research, the average bra size of shoppers has increased from 34B to a more Dolly Partonesque 36DD over the past decade. What no one has mentioned, though, is that I bet women’s average hip sizes have also expanded . . . to about 56 inches. 

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