Phone burns ‘500 holes’ in girl’s eyes after being on max brightness for 2 years

A woman has suffered severe eye trauma with after using her smartphone on maximum screen brightness for two years.

The damage is so bad medics said there were over 500 "holes" appearing on her cornea and her eyes looked liked they had been "baked in a microwave".

The 25-year-old woman, called Chen, lives in the city of Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan and works as a secretary.

Reports state Chen turned her phone up to maximum screen brightness to allow her to see her phone when she was outside and she did not turn it down for two years.

After two years of writing messages and watching videos with her phone at full brightness, Chen is said to have begun experiencing pain in her eyes which had become bloodshot. 

The secretary went to the hospital to try and relieve the discomfort and doctors found her left cornea was "congested with blood" and her eyesight had been permanently damaged.

The vision in her right eye was reportedly worse and doctors found over 500 "holes" on her cornea.

Chen was given steroid treatment to try and fix the problem which reportedly showed signs of improvement after three days.

One of the doctors who treated Chen said the patient’s phone had been emitting light at 625 Lumens, over double the recommended level of 300 Lumens.

The doctor said exposing the eye to light of 600 Lumens for just two hours "will have the same effect as being baked in a microwave".

Doctors recommended phone users not to switch off the light in the room if they are using their phone at night.

The make and model of her phone are currently unclear.

Earlier this year a factory worker in Thailand was found dead after being electrocuted while charging his phone and using the earphones at the same time.

Kritsada Supol, 24, had laid down on his mattress with his Samsung plugged into an extension power point with a “cheap” charging cable.

He was found lifeless the next morning on a matress with signs of burning around his ears.

Police Captain Jaleuk Polthong said police believe that Kritsada was fatally electrocuted while using the earphones and charging his smartphone at the same time.

The captain said: ‘’We believe a short circuit caused his death while he was on the phone with someone or he was listening to music."

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