Partygoer sparks bomb scare after ditching ‘suicide belt’ in a bin

Partygoer sparks bomb scare after ditching ISIS fancy dress ‘suicide belt’ into a public bin

  • The suspicious device was found by shocked shoppers in Wellingborough 
  • Local reports suggested it had been discarded by a partygoer dressed as a jihadi 
  • A photo of the device showed a cardboard segment with wires and a phone 

A fancy dress outfit sparked a major bomb scare after a reveller dressed as a jihadi dumped a fake suicide vest in a high street bin.

A full-scale bomb disposal operation was carried out in Wellingbrough, Northamptonshire on Sunday after one careless partygoer ditched the suspect device while on a night out.

Crack troops from the RAF carried out a controlled explosion and sealed off streets around the town center after the fake suicide vest was spotted by horrified shoppers.

Pictures from the scene showed the suspect device complete with wires and a mobile phone left discarded in a bin in the town centre

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Pictures of the device showed it lying in the bin with fake wires and a mobile phone 

The bomb was revealed to be a dud after a Snapchat image of the man in costume circulated around the town. 

Soon after its discovery local reports suggested it had been left by a reveller dressed up as a terrorist. 

Northamptonshire Police Chief Superintendent Mick Stamper said: ‘Suspicious packages are always dealt with extremely seriously and, as a precaution, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team was called in.

‘They were able to assess and carry out a controlled explosion and thankfully the item of concern was finally determined not to present any danger to public safety.

‘This has caused significant disruption in the local area for a number of hours and I would appeal to anyone with any information as to who left this item in such a public place, to contact police on 101.’

Areas around the Swansgate shopping center were closed off by police as they dealt with the incident on Sunday

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