Parents divided as Tik Tok clip shows dad smash kids’ TV with a BASEBALL BAT as punishment while children cower in fear – The Sun

A TIK Tok video of an angry dad smashing his kids' TV and controllers with a baseball bat as a punishment has sparked divide in parents, as the kids cower in fear.

The man posted a second video saying the clip was staged, but people have mixed reactions, debating if the actions are toxic or harmful.

In the Tik Tok video, the dad walks into the room with a baseball bat, visibly upset as he makes comments to his kids about their chores not being done.

"What the c**p?" he questions, before swinging the bat and smashing the TV.

He then tells his kids they're going to "buy yourself a new TV by doing chores," before he asks for the remote controllers and smashes those with the bat, too.

The kids cower in fear as he destroyed the electronics.

"Now you're going to work off all that c**p. You're going to pay me to buy you new toys," the dad says.

"You seem to think you get everything for free. That's not how it works.

"I'm not busting the Playstation. I'm taking that with me," he says as he unplugs the game station and takes it with him.

He then takes a second swing at the TV before the clip ends.

People on social media were divided over the incident, with some labeling the dad's behavior as "traumatizing" while others said it was "fine."

"this is traumatizing. you cant tell me it didnt make you cringe to see them cower away when he started breaking their s***." one user tweeted.

"breaking their belongings IS a form of abuse," they added.


Another user said "this man shouldnt have children or rights".

Others labeled the behavior "toxic" or said it was "abuse.

"This is toxic parenting, he's being destructive and the kid will grow up thinking that this is the way to treat people around him. You can't say otherwise, horrible person," one user tweeted.

Another said: "This is child abuse, this man belongs in prison."

Although a majority thought the behavior was unacceptable, others defended the dad.

One user said "this is nowhere near toxic."

"He didn't touch them or nothing. He just took a game from spoiled kids," they added.

Another person said: "I think it’s overboard but smashing a game console isn’t abuse."

After the first video was posted, the dad uploaded another, claiming the clip of him smashing the TV and remotes was staged.

"It was just a skitted act, we're throwing away toys that uh, are not usable," he said.


"Those Playstation remotes didn't even work. They won't charge. The TV only sticks on one channel so they want to get a new one," he said.

He added that he's getting his kids "new stuff."

"None of it was real so – Peace out. Hope you all treat your kids good because I am and they love me very much," he said.

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