Outrage over burnt sausage roll at Inverness Caledonian Thistle

‘Definitely needs after sun’: Football fans left unimpressed by ‘cremated’ £2.50 sausage roll served at Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC match

  • A fan paid £2.50 for a ‘hard fired’ sausage roll at Inverness Caledonian Thistle 
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An overcooked match day sausage roll has caused disgust among football fans who have likened it to something which was ‘found in Pompeii’. 

The unidentified supporter said he paid £2.50 for the savoury pastry treat at Caledonian Stadium on Saturday as Inverness Caledonian Thistle took on Dundee. 

While the home team fought back to claim a late draw, nothing could save the sausage roll, which was said to be in need of ‘some after sun’. 

An image of the roll, which has been shared widely on the internet, shows the charred outer pastry sitting on a stained napkin in the palm of the owner’s hand. 

HAVE YOU BEEN SERVED SUB-STANDARD FOOD AT A MATCH? Send your pictures to [email protected] 

A football fan claimed he was served this sausage roll while watching Inverness Caledonian Thistle take on Dundee last Saturday

One person suggested some after sun would resolve the unfortunate situation 

One man, who saw the image on FootieScran asked: ‘Was it directly hit by a solar flare?’

The Twitter account offers football fans the opportunity for fans to upload photographs of their matchday meals so they can be judged by fellow supporters. 

People commentating on Footie Scran tend not to offer any insight into the nutritional benefits or potential dangers of the shared images. 

Instead, they are asked to complete a poll to determine whether a majority of supporters would eat the offering or dispose of the product. 

Another person compared the offering to something archeologists may have recovered from Pompeii 

Some 87.5 per cent of those who participated in the vote claimed they would not eat a sausage roll cooked in a similar manner. 

The remaining 12.5 per cent claimed they would eat the charred meal. 

Many of those responding to the image took the opportunity to mock the hungry football fan asking: ‘Who supplied it? The local crematorium?’ 

One person remarked: ‘Yes it’s a little over cooked, but the price in comparison to any stadium in the USA makes it worth it.’ 

Another offered some rare constructive advice, suggesting ‘bit of gravy over the top, sorted man’.  

Another fan said: ‘Sausage roll 50p. Gas mark 6 for 4 hours £2.’ 

One said: ‘Looks like charcoal. Sorry, my mistake, it’s an artisan carbon infused sausage roll.’ 

A club’s spokesman said: ‘We have a range of sausage rolls on sale at Caledonian Stadium. They come cooked rare, medium rare, medium, well done and hard fired.

‘Following some online feed-back, and with apologies to our fans of crispy baked goods, we have decided to withdraw our hard fired range.’

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