Outrage as Starbucks barista tries to throw out homeless man eating £8.45 meal bought for him by Good Samaritan

FURIOUS customers have vowed to boycott Starbucks after a snobby barista tried to kick out a homeless man – even though his meal had been paid for.

The coffee chain – which promises to "treat customers with respect and dignity" – was slammed for its "vile" treatment after a Good Samaritan donated the food.

Shocking footage shows a barista called Paolo arguing with customers as he tries to force the homeless man to leave a table outside a branch in Southend, Essex.

One patron shouts: "let him finish the food and then he can leave" as Paolo argues with at the beggar.

The food was paid for by onlooker Sajid Kahhllon, who spotted the man scavenging leftover food on the tables outside.

Sajid said: "It was painful to see that someone had to search for food like that. I asked him if he was hungry and if he would like me to buy him some food? He replied yes in a very weak voice.


"I bought him a sandwich and a chocolate cake worth £8.45 so that he could eat respectfully.

"But as he was sitting there eating his paid-for lunch, one of the staff members went over to him with a security officer and told him to leave.

"I understand the point of view of Starbucks, but I still feel this type of situation needed to be dealt with more respect and empathy.

"We are all human and we all get hungry.”

One customer fumed: "Well done Starbucks, you’ve lost yourselves a lot of custom. Shame on you and your staff.

Another raged: "Staff kicking a homeless man eating a paid for meal off the premises is Southend is by far the most vile thing I’ve seen in a while!"

The Sun Online has approached Starbucks for comment.

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