Obama takes shot at Trump saying country has gone BACKWARDS in his first in-person Biden campaign appearance

BARACK Obama took a shot at Donald Trump, and said the country has gone BACKWARDS.

Obama's comments came during his first in-person campaign appearance for his former Vice President, Joe Biden in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

"We can’t afford another four years of this because what happens is you do get to a point where you go so far backwards that it becomes really hard to then dig yourself out of the hole," Obama said of Trump winning a second term.

Obama spoke with other black male leaders in North Philadelphia in a "Shop Talk," and later spoke at a drive-in rally as he campaigned for his VP.

He said at the Shop Talk he's confident with Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris to lead the country and "being able to dig ourselves out of this hole."

"The pandemic would’ve been tough for any president," Obama said.

"We havent seen something like this for 100 years.

"But this degree of incompetence and misinformation… The number of people who might not have died had we just done the basics…" he added.

Obama then said that low-income communities have been "so disproportionately" affected by Covid-19.

As he spoke at the drive-in rally, Obama continued to slam Trump, again hitting at his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

"We literally left this White House a pandemic playbook," Obama said.

"We don't know where that playbook went.

"They probably used it to prop up a wobbly table or something," he added.

Obama also claimed the president is unwilling to take responsibility for Covid-19.

"I get that this president wants full credit for the economy he inherited and zero blame for the pandemic he ignored," he said.

"But you know what? The job doesn't work that way.

"Tweeting at the television doesn't fix things. Making stuff up doesn't make people's lives better," he added.

Obama appeared in Pennsylvania the day after Trump held a rally in the battleground state.

Just the day before he headed to Pennsylvania, Obama blasted Trump in a campaign video as he called the election a "tipping point."

As Trump spoke to his supporters in Erie, Pennsylvania on Tuesday night, he said politics would be "boring" if he loses the election.

He also blamed "Crooked Hillary," referring to 2016 Democratic rival Hillary Clinton after his microphone briefly cut out.

With just 13 days to the election, both Biden and Trump are fighting for votes in key battleground states.

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