NYPD cop hurt in clash with crowd at Washington Square Park

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A police officer was injured amid clashes with a wild crowd at Washington Square Park early Sunday morning — an hour after the NYPD enforced the park’s midnight curfew.

Video posted on Twitter shows officers attempt to maintain a barricade at the edge of the park with metal fencing, as parkgoers taunt them from the other side.

“You a f–kin’ chump,” one person can be heard repeatedly telling cops — as an apparent provocation outside the frame of the camera sends dozens of officers charging after someone down Thompson Street.

Later in the clip, cops can be seen surrounding their target, then briefly losing control of the suspect when a woman attempts to intervene while screaming, “Go, go!”

The group of officers then pounces on the second woman, who they subdue on the ground.

Cops made six arrests tied to the skirmish, which started shortly before 1 a.m.

“Last night, Washington Square Park was closed just after midnight without incident,” NYPD said in a statement. “A group of agitators began knocking over barriers, causing an injury to an officer.”

Police have maintained a presence at the problem-plagued park, which has been the scene of all-night booze-filled dance parties and even unsanctioned boxing matches despite the midnight curfew.

On Saturday night, cops booted a few dozen people from the Greenwich Village greenspace promptly at midnight with no problems, putting up barricades secured with zipties at each entrance.

Locals have complained at length about the constant partying inside the park — which has often devolved into violence, including last week following Pride Day celebrations.

Additional reporting by Steven Vago

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