NYC man 'with gun' tries to flee police before being apprehended

Dramatic moment NYC driver ‘with gun’ tries to flee police before being apprehended outside Bloomingdales’ flagship store as his male and female passengers are also arrested

  • Two men and one woman were arrested in Manhattan’s Upper East Side on Wednesday afternoon on E 59th St. between Park and Lexington Avenues 
  • There was allegedly a gun in the car and officers were seen approaching the red Toyota with their service weapons drawn 
  • It is unclear what the three were arrested for. The two passengers were seen being arrested at the car 
  • The driver, however, took off down 59th Street and was apprehended outside of Bloomingdales’ flagship store near Third Avenue 
  • Crime is rampant in New York City as overall crime is up 42 percent  

Dramatic video footage captured a New York driver accused of having a gun trying to flee cops before being arrested outside Bloomingdales’ flagship store. 

The man was filmed successfully breaking free of NYPD officers who arrested him on the Upper East Side Wednesday afternoon, but was apprehended again shortly afterwards. 

He was arrested alongside another man who was in the passenger seat of the red Toyota Corolla, as well as a woman who was in the back seat.

Neither of the other passengers resisted arrest, and police have yet to identify them or share further details.  

Officers were seen screaming at the suspects to ‘show your hands’ as they open the driver’s side door and telling the driver, seen wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, to ‘c’mon, get out of the car.’ 

The driver was walked to the back of the car where an officer attempted to handcuff him before the twisted out of the officer’s hold. He appears to throw a punch toward the officer, hitting him lightly in the shoulder, before he takes off down the street. 

The driver of a red Toyota (pictured) was seen being handcuffed at the rear of the car while officers pulled two others from the passenger’s side on E 59th Street and Park and Lexington Avenues

The driver, wearing white, managed to get away and threw a punch toward an officer, taking off down E 59th Street

He was later apprehended outside of Bloomingdales’ flagship store on 59th and Third Avenue

Officers reportedly spotted a gun in the car and approached the vehicle with their service weapons drawn

A young man, wearing all black, was seen being pulled from the front side and a woman, dressed in a striped crop top and black leggings, was pulled from the back passenger’s door. The young man appears to have a confused and scared look on his face as an officer pulls him to stand on the sidewalk as the woman is handcuffed. 

The driver was later apprehended outside of Bloomingdales’ flagship store on East 59th Street and Third Avenue. 

He could be seen being handcuffed in the prone position before officers picked him up and leaned him against the store’s building, where he appeared to be talking to police. The unidentified man was escorted down the street by five officers to a nearby cop car. 

Officers checked his pockets before being placed in the back of the cruiser. The other two were also seen being escorted toward police cars. 

The three suspects were seen being put in the back of cruisers. It is unclear what they were being arrested for 

Although it is unclear if he was in possession of a gun or if the gun was legally registered, New York ‘generally prohibits the possession of a handgun, short-barreled rifle or shotgun, or assault weapon outside one’s home or place of business,’ according to the NYC government. However, NYC has additional gun laws, which do no honor the state’s gun licenses. 

All guns within the city must be registered and approved by the NYC government ‘and an individual must possess an appropriate license or permit from New York City to carry a firearm within the city.’ 

It is also illegal for a felon to be in possession of a firearm, although it remains unclear if the Toyota driver has any previous convictions.  

The arrests comes as New York is in the middle of a crime surge, with overall crime up 42 percent. The Big Apple is having an increasing problem with ghost guns and other weapons, with shooting victims up 8.4 percent. Assaults and robbery are also both up 21 and 46 percent, respectively. 

Transit crimes are also up more than 60 percent and Mayor Eric Adams, 61, has called on locals to snitch on cops using their phones on subway platforms while on duty by sending him photos. 

Adams made the plea at a press conference Tuesday when asked by a journalist about reports of multiple uniformed cops being spotted scrolling through phones while on duty guarding the city’s crime-ridden transport network.

The former NYPD captain warned: ‘We are going to start taking very aggressive actions to make sure police are patrolling our subway system and not patrolling their iPhone.’

Overall crime is up 42 percent in the city as criminals run rampant through the Big Apple 

‘If you see it, send me a picture. I’ll go to that district the next day and see exactly what is happening.

‘Send me a shot. New Yorkers, you see that send me a photo and I will be at that station.’ Adams spokesman told anyone with photos to send them to his press office, whose email address is [email protected]

Adams said that New Yorkers can look forward to a ‘visible difference in policing in the next couple of weeks.’ 

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