NYC ignores social distancing for Blue Angels, Thunderbirds flyover

Hundreds of New Yorkers flocked to waterfront parks Tuesday — blowing off social-distancing guidelines and standing shoulder-to-shoulder to catch a glimpse of the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds that, ironically, roared over the Big Apple in an airborne tribute to coronavirus front-line medical workers struggling daily to lower the number of COVID-19 cases.

Photos show packed crowds looking skyward from New York and New Jersey, throwing COVID-19 concerns up in the air for a chance glance at the famous jet squads.

“I’m not worried about it,” said Arthur Moss, 41, who caught the show with friends at Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City. “If you’re outside you don’t need to wear a mask.”

Actually, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said folks must wear masks outside when social distancing is not feasible, such on crowded sidewalks — but Moss, of New Orleans, apparently didn’t know that.

“It’s a beautiful day,” he added. “I’m from New Orleans and I always used to see the Blue Angels. I’m out here to support the frontline people.”

One local, who identified herself only as Margaret Ann, said she tried social distancing but found it near impossible.

“We tried, but the piers are 10-feet wide, same with the sidewalks,” the 34-year-old mom said. “When these many people come at once there really isn’t much you can do.”

Nearly 500 people gathered along the park, many leaving cars double- and triple-parked along Center Boulevard to rush out to the piers so as not to miss the show.

The 40-minute, joint flying demonstration by the Navy’s Angels and the US Air Force T-Birds launched a nationwide display of airborne shout-outs to first responders and health care workers, with the jet teams taking to the skies above Manhattan, Long Island and New Jersey.

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