Northern Pulp mill formally registers controversial effluent treatment project

Northern Pulp has formally registered its project to replace the effluent treatment facility in Boat Harbour with Nova Scotia’s Environment Department for environmental assessment.

Today’s move kicks off the 30-day public comment period for the controversial project.

According to the department, the project includes a new effluent treatment facility and a new 15.5-kilometre-long pipeline that will carry treated wastewater, or effluent, to be discharged in the Northumberland Strait.

It says the effluent pipeline would follow Highway 106 for about 11.4 kilometres, then enter waters near the Northumberland Ferries marine terminal.

The pipe would continue for about 4.1 kilometres through Caribou Harbour to the Northumberland Strait, where the effluent would be discharged through an engineered diffuser.

Environment Minister Margaret Miller is to decide whether the project can be granted conditional environmental assessment approval by March 29.

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