Navy pilot encounters with ‘unidentified craft flying in restricted airspace’ on East Coast detailed in new report – The Sun

DOCUMENTS revealed on Monday reportedly detail the eerie encounters between US Navy pilots and unidentified flying crafts spotted on the east coast.

Seven of the eight hazard reports compiled by the Navy are believed to have taken place between 2013 and 2014 and involve Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornets that were flying in airspace off the coast of Virginia and North Carolina.

The eighth incident occurred in 2019 and involved an EA-18G Growler flying in an area of the Atlantic Ocean near the coast of Maryland.

The documents were obtained by The Drive, who reported that these eight instances were the only ones in the Naval Safety Center's web-based reporting system for hazard and flight incident reports.

In 2013, a Navy Super Hornet encountered an "aircraft [that] was white in color and approximately the size and shape of a drone or missile" in Virginia, according to the report.

The following year, a Navy pilot from Strike Fighter Squadron 106 detected a possible radar track at about 19,000 feet above ground.

The pilot was only able to pass within 1,000 feet of the craft and wasn't able to identify it – once it passed, he lost sight of it and never saw it again.

"The unknown aircraft appeared to be small in size, approximately the size of a suitcase, and silver in color," the report said.

The Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility in Virginia couldn't spot the object on its radar screens, prompting the Navy to deem the sighting "a significant safety concern."

"I feel it may be only a matter of time before one of our F/A-18 aircraft has a mid-air collision with an unidentified UAS [unmanned aerial system]," the commanding officer of Squadron 106 added in the report comments.

Officials have questioned the eight reports because of extensive documentation of other Navy pilots who previously told The Drive similar sightings over the Atlantic occurred frequently between 2014 and 2015.

A report the outlet obtained of another incident in March 2018 involved four separate unknown objects in a warning area off the coast of North Carolina.

The pilot identified one flying at 20,000 feet that "appeared to be a quadcopter-type drone" about "3-4 feet wide."

In late April, the Pentagon officially released footage of Navy pilots interacting with UFOs.

The revelation was made public on April 27 following an investigation into whether the classified material revealed "any sensitive capabilities or systems."

After review, the US Department of Defense said the three clips don't "impinge on any subsequent investigations of [these types of] military air space incursions."

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