My neighbour ordered me to stop exercising in my garden as it's 'against her human rights'

THIS is the moment a mum is told to stop exercising in her own garden by an irate neighbour.

Personal trainer Joanne Groves, 49, was filming an at-home workout video in her garden in Wimbledon, South London, when she was interrupted and told the workout was against the complainer's "human rights".

In the video, Joanne can be seen wearing AirPods as she lunges and stretches.

A woman can be heard shouting: "Jo can you stop screaming, it's infringing my human rights."

Joanne stops and removes one of her earphones, asking: "Sorry?"

The woman replies: "Screaming. You're screaming," to which Joanne quips back: "I'm hardly screaming. I've got Covid and I can't even speak."

The unseen woman shouts back: "You've got Covid!"

Joanne, a personal trainer insisted she couldn't yell even if she wanted to – after she almost lost her voice due to Covid-19, which she said she had contracted days earlier.

Joanne told The Sun: "I wasn't shouting – I had headphones on. I do my videos outside and it is at a time that is reasonable.

"I wouldn't want to incite any hate towards her and I am empathetic towards her.

"She's just got a bee in her bonnet.

"I was just thinking this is ridiculous and petty.

"Of all the days, the day with Covid when I was struggling to speak."

But one neighbour, who claimed not to be the woman in the video, said Joanne's garden exercise has caused problems before.

They told The Sun: "She's set her garden up as a gym – we followed it up with the council because she was doing so many classes in the garden.

"During the pandemic, we wanted to have a bit of peace and quiet in our garden, but we just couldn't."

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