Mum’s fury as son, 8, dies after teacher ignored his desperate classroom pleas thinking he just needed the toilet | The Sun

A MUM was left outraged when her son died after being ignored by his teacher while pleading for help.

The eight-year-old boy from Fuzhou City, southeast China, died in his classroom after his teacher dismissed his calls for her attention after becoming unwell.

The third-grade student, Ruichen, raised his hand several times before his teacher, Miss Bao, told him to “hold it in until the end of class”, assuming the boy needed to use the toilet.

The incident happened in 2020 – but his devastated mum recently posted about the tragic death on Chinese blogging site, Weibo.

His mum wrote: "After the bell rang, Miss Bao delayed the class for 10 more minutes until 10.53am, knowing that my child was unwell and had been lying on his desk."

She claims the teacher failed to “give the child help and care” and that this is supported by the schools CCTV footage of the incident.


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She also said Ruichen's classmates recollection of the heartbreaking incident backs up the details she has recounted.

After Ruichen had been ignored throughout the lesson, the mum said: "Miss Bao did not inform us parents or the hospital but wanted to get the child out of the school as soon as she could. 

"She forced him down the stairs, fully aware that he was too weak to walk, and scolded him for crying."

When her son attempted to balance himself on the railing, he was pulled away again by Miss Bao.

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“As a result he fell hard around the corner on the second floor, hitting the back of his head and falling unconscious on the spot,” she said.

The mother claimed that her son was neglected as his teacher did not immediately call an ambulance, and Ruichan’s dad was not allowed to enter the school.

The eight-year-old boy's family believe his primary school and teacher are “unshakably responsible” for the tragic death of their child.

On February 6, Ruichen’s mum posted the three-minute CCTV footage on Weibo, drawing attention to the devastating incident which quickly sparked outrage within the community.

By February 10, the chilling video had racked up four million views.

Among the swarm of furious comments, the one that had the most amount of likes read: “You must defend your rights to the end!”

A local media outlet in Sichuan province reported the story and interviewed a member of staff from the Fuzhou education bureau.

The staff member said Ruichen had other underlying illnesses and the cause of death was unrelated to the fall.

They did not state whether Miss Bao has been reprimanded for this incident.

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