Mum kept stepson, 5, in 'Harry Potter room' under stairs, starved him and made him wear a nappy

Tammi Bleimeyer was jailed for 28 years after starving the child and making him wear a nappy at their home in the town of Spring.

The 37-year-old was found guilty of injury to a child by omission after forcing Jordan Bleimeyer, now aged nine, to sleep in the tiny crawlspace under the stairs with his lone mattress surrounded by exposed nails and wiring.

Jordan weighed just 29lbs (2st 7oz) when he was finally rescued from his hellish ordeal.

Doctors said he was days from death when he was found, and compared his state of malnourishment to that of a Holocaust survivor.

The child’s dad Bradley Bleimeyer was found guilty of the same charges as his wife in 2016 and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The case was brought to the attention of authorities in March 2014, when the evil stepmother’s then 16-year-old son reported her.

The unnamed teenager told authorities his mum and 24-year-old step dad were abusing the boy, and had put him in a diaper.

He told police he believed someone had slammed the child’s head into a wall, and had even tasered him.

Tammi was six months pregnant at the time of the report, and vanished from the family home taking Jordan with her when police arrived.

Using mobile phone records, police traced her to a nearby motel where they found her with her severely underweight stepson.

Jordan was also found to be covered in bumps and bruises and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

According to a paediatrician, the five-year-old had suffered “severe physical abuse and habitual starvation” and was just days away from death.

Court documents revealed the child was not allowed to eat at the family dinner table with his siblings, who were all the children of his stepmother.

He was given just one slice of bread to eat daily – and that too would be snatched away if he didn’t eat it fast enough.

Prosecutors also revealed that the child would be drugged up by his dad in order to keep quiet when guests were at their home.

Officials claims the child’s health had deteriorated rapidly following a visit from Child Protective Services, who had made numerous visits to the Bleimeyer home in 2014.

The stepmother was arrested and charged in February 2015 and she was sentenced following a 10-day trial.

Two of her biological sons took to the stand to testify against her.

In a prepared statement, one of the boys addressed his mother saying: “You made a big mistake, and ultimately have to face the consequences.

“I'm up here to ask a rhetorical question of how, how could you put your children through all that?

“The people who should be your pride and joy.

“You caused me feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, and emptiness.

“I can't say that I'll ever be the same emotionally because of this.”

Jordan, now aged nine, was reunited with his biological mother and made a good recovery from his ordeal.

Child Protective Services took custody of Tammi’s six children, while her seventh – a newborn – was given to a foster family.


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