Mum, 21, pays for Christmas by selling pics and video of her FEET to randy weirdos online

Kayla Woods, 21, is looking forward to Christmas this year as she reckons she's nearly £2,000 richer as a result of people's foot fetishes.

She kicked off her odd money-making venture after going on platonic dates with eligible bachelors via dating site in 2015 – an app on which men pay up to £160 for a date.

The mother-of-one, who has a baby son, realised she could make more dosh when one of her clients offered to pay her for images and videos of her naked feet.

So Kayla, of Pensacola in Florida, created an online network to sell her content to foot fanatics in December 2017 – charging up to £7 (US$10) per picture and £32 ($40) for a video.

Special requests include rubbing her feet on vegetables or sloshing them around in oil.

One of the more bizarre requests, however, saw her write the client's name on her instep with a Sharpie marker.

Kayla, who is also a direct care worker, claims she has made hundreds of pounds selling her feet-based content since last Christmas.

Her income was further boosted through raking in £630 ($800) for dates with men, who pay her using the digital wallet CashApp.

Or, clients can also pay their tab by fulfilling Kayla’s Amazon wish list.

So she now has a new smartwatch, a baby bouncer and a £240 ($300) Nintendo Switch console nestled beneath the family Christmas tree.

Kayla said: "About 12 months ago I was going on dates with someone who had this particular interest. I had been on a date with him, and I felt comfortable.

"After that he was asking for pictures of me.

"I was sending him selfies, and then he asked me to send a picture of my feet.

"I had always thought my feet were deplorable, awful and ugly but he didn’t seem to think so.

"After I sent the pictures, it gave me a lot of confidence. He paid me for the pictures and I realised there must be other people willing to do that too.

"I didn’t change my profile on Whatsyourprice but when I’m chatting to people I do tell them I do offer these services."

The mum added that sometimes "they want me to play in oil or splash my toes in water.

"I’ve been asked to go to the grocery store and buy cucumbers, eggplant and tomatoes, and to rub my feet on these vegetables in videos. That was a weird one.

"Sometimes they ask me to write their names on my feet in a Sharpie marker.

"Some of them ask for music. One guy asked me for music, like in a spa.

"So far the most I’ve made for a video is $150, where I was just walking around and dancing in my bare feet."

Before cashing in on people's foot fetishes Kayla rarely went for pedicures, but now has a rolling appointment every fortnight.

She said: "I can get a $25 (£20) basic pedicure or an upscale one for $50 to $60 (£47). They pay for them and sometimes ask me to get a specific colour.

"One time I went for an $80 (£63) skin rejuvenation pedicure."

Despite the sexual nature of her side job, Kayla said she makes her boundaries very clear when she goes on dates.

The mum has been with her son’s mechanic dad Roman, 21, since 2015.

Kayla said: "He doesn’t really agree with what I’m doing but the money helps our family a lot.
"I am able to buy things for the baby, like wipes and diapers, from it.

"I don’t do anything explicit or super sexual so he’s okay with it.

"When I go on dates I fake-flirt – after all they are paying me for it.

"But I make my boundaries very clear, and they don’t expect anything more from me other than our date."

When it comes to family, Kayla admits: "My grandmother doesn’t know I do this and my mum doesn’t either to an extent.

"She knows I’ve been on dates with sugar daddies in the past and she didn’t care as long as I was safe."

Kayla said her newfound income will allow her to give her baby a wonderful first Christmas.

"Doing this has definitely helped fund my Christmas but also my everyday life too.

"It helps me keep up with the little things like diapers, wipes and formula. I have a little outfit ready for him for Christmas day, a cute little onesie.

"I’ve bought all of my presents by doing this, a smartwatch for my mom, a bouncer for my baby, some lingerie sets to wear for my partner and I even have a $67 (£51) ham in the freezer for the big day.

"It’s really made all of the difference."


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