Mother in row with council over colour of her front door ends dispute

Finally in the pink! Mother-of-two, 49, in row with killjoy Edinburgh council over colour of her front door ends long-running dispute by painting it an ‘off-white’ shade of pink

  • Miranda Dickinson had complaints about her door colour three times in total  

After a long-running battle with a kill-joy council, a mother-of-two from Edinburgh has finally been given the green-light to keep her door painted an off-white shade of pink.

Marketing director Miranda Dickson, 49, has been in a 10-month stand off with Edinburgh City Council after she decided to paint the door of a three-storey townhouse she inherited from her parents during the pandemic pastel pink.

The door’s redecoration provoked fury from her neighbours in Drummond Place who complained to the council who in turn ordered her to remove the paint is it broke strict conservation rules for Georgian properties in the area.

Chaos ensued when she decided to paint the door of the home, which is situated within the Unesco world heritage-listed New Town part of the city, who threatened to fine her £20,000 if she did comply with planning rules with a ‘muted’ colour door.

Even when she painted the door to an off-white shade she was hit with further complaints about the inoffensive shade but now a retrospective planning application approving the fresh coat of paint has finally brought the saga to a close.

Miranda Dickson, 49, has been in a 10-month stand off with Edinburgh City Council after she decided to paint the door of a three-storey pastel pink

The battle begun in October 2022 when Ms Dickinson was told to she did not have planning permission for the door and that it would cost her £500

The final colour: Ms Dickinson’s latest attempt to paint her front door has finally been approved for being a ‘off-white’ pink shade

The home has been painted four different colours over the past ten months. From white to pink to green and now an ‘off-white’ shade of pink

Documents confirming the application for Listed Building consent said: ‘The proposed shade is a light, relatively understated colour that would not represent any considerable impact towards the character or the setting of the building.

‘The shade is off-white in appearance, which aligns with guidance with respect to having muted, plain colours for doors on listed buildings.

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‘The proposal will not have a detrimental impact on the historical architectural features and will therefore not adversely impact on the special architectural or historic interest of the listed building.’

The ongoing feud had lasted months, causing Ms Dickinson, who is a brand amabassador in the drinks industry, distraught.

She previously said: ‘I am speechless that someone has complained about this colour as far as I was concerned this chapter in my life was closed.

‘I’m shocked and distraught about it. It is definitely not the same colour as it was originally painted – it’s an off-white. I feel bullied and that it has now become personal.’

Ms Dickinson first had the front door professionally painted with Dulux pink paint in 2021 only to receive a complaint the following year in October 2022.

The initial complaint said that the mother-of-two, who grew up in the house, needed planning permission and the works would cost her £500.

The pink-obsessed woman believed the complaint that was made was ‘malicious’ and described her door as pretty.

Pictured: Ms Dickson compared her front door to other coloured doors on her street, Drummond Place, Edinburgh

She already had her bathroom, hall and staircase painted pink but was desperate to get the door to match.

She told the BBC at the time: ‘When I started my vision about the house, I had my mood boards and for me the pink door was the wrapping to that creative vision.

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‘The pink door was the external vision to what my internal house is. So to be forced to change it has left me feeling saddened and disappointed.

‘I’m upset by all the energy and opinion it has caused and I now feel I am closing a chapter and putting it to bed, although I don’t feel peaceful about it.

‘I don’t understand why it has caused them to be so angry, I can’t understand that emotion about the colour of a door.

‘These homes were built as entertainment spaces. They are incredible spaces and I have leaned into the bones of the rooms to maximise their beauty.

‘I have restored all the windows and kept the cornices and mouldings as well as the shutters.

‘I have been much more sympathetic than more modern refits. And I saw a pink door on Eastenders last night, so it really isn’t that weird. When I went to university I had everything pink, even pink dreadlocks.

‘The idea for me was to create a dream world which was slightly surreal, with each room having a different vibe. It has taken a lot of work but I feel I have achieved that now. I love it and it feels like my space.’

The pink-obsessed woman believed the complaint that was made was ‘malicious’ and described her door as pretty.

She pointed out that her street was filled with brightly coloured doors – comparing it to homes in Notting Hill in London and Bristol. 

The most recent planning appeal concluded: ‘The proposals have special regard to the desirability of preserving the building and its setting and will not adversely impact on its special architectural and historic interest.

‘The proposals will preserve the character and appearance of the conservation area.’

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