Moment the world's fastest shark leaps out of the water on to a deck

‘We need a bigger boat!’: Incredible moment world’s fastest shark leaps on to boat deck – sending anglers scrambling

  • Anglers rush to safety after the world’s fastest shark leaps onto a boat deck during a ‘lovely day’ of shark fishing off the coast of Massachusetts 
  • Two Atlantic shortfin makos were out in the ocean when one of them got caught onto a fishing rod and darted into the air about 30 feet away
  • Seconds later, the other shark shockingly darted onto the boat deck and onto two men 

Three anglers rush to safety after the world’s fastest shark leaps onto their feet on a boat deck.

The fishermen onboard a Sea Ventures Charter boat gazed at the Atlantic shortfin mako in amusement as the sea giant sea fish darted in the air from a distance while off the coast of Massachusetts on Saturday.

One of the men hooked the shark onto a fishing rod about 30 feet away from the boat as it attempted to break free. 

Within seconds, another shark launched on the boat deck and crashed directly into the men who then quickly scattered. 

‘Oh f***’ one of the men is heard screaming as the shark appeared to have hit another man seen in the video.

Three fishermen rush to safety after the world’s largest shark leaps onto their boat while out on the coast of Massachusetts 

The fishermen were out on a charter boat shark fishing when they caught ahold of an Atlantic shortfin mako

Suddenly, another shark did a flip nearby and landed onto the boats dock

Within seconds, the shark flew into the air and landed at the feet of two of the fishermen 

Surprised by how close the shark got, one of the fishermen rushed off 

Meanwhile, two others got caught in the heat of the choas

One man tried to flee away from the giant fish by climbing a ladder after he was cornered

One of the men to the left of the camera angle was able to swiftly escape while two others got caught in the commotion.

While another was able to quickly move away after being slammed by the shark, another hurried up a nearby ladder to a top deck.

The shark jumped onboard the FV Lady Anne boat, and the company operating the boat noted it was ‘a lovely day shark fishing.’

‘A once-in-a-lifetime experience!’ Sea Ventures Charters wrote on Facebook.

Sea Ventures Charters confirmed no one was injured, but noted the fish was tagged before being released.

The shark flopped onboard while others watched

It was released back into the ocean shortly after being tagged and measured

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