Moment ex-pro boxer knocks reveller out while working as bouncer

Moment ex-heavyweight boxer Julius Francis who once fought Mike Tyson knocks reveller out cold while working as a bouncer

  • A video shows former British heavyweight champ knock out man with one punch
  • Incident spilled out of BOXPARK, in Wembley, where a group of men were rowing
  • Man shoved bouncer and shouted obscenities before raising fist at Julius Francis
  • Francis floored the man with single right-hand punch knocking him unconscious

A former British heavyweight boxer who now works as a security guard has been filmed knocking out a reveller with a single punch in front of shocked bystanders.

Julius Francis, who once fought Mike Tyson, showed he still knew how to throw a punch during the incident outside BOXPARK near Wembley Stadium.

Footage of the incident which was shared on social media shows trouble spilling out of the venue onto the street outside as a group of men argue while the bouncers attempt to move them on.

Julius Francis, a former British heavyweight boxer who now works as a security guard, has been filmed knocking out a rowdy reveller with a single punch in front of shocked bystanders

Pictured: Former heavyweight boxer Julius Francis herds a group of rowdy revellers out of BOXPARK in Wembley (left) as one man, in the blue du-rag, gets confrontational (right)

One man, wearing a blue du-rag, can be heard yelling profanities in the direction of Francis ‘I hope you have a heart attack, you fat ****’ before he then shoves a smaller security guard.

The scuffle moves away from the front of the venue as the man wearing the blue du-rag continues to confront other revellers while onlookers can be heard shouting ‘chill’.

The man can be seen shoving multiple people and yelling obscenities as the incident appears to escalate. 

As the man turns toward Francis and appears to raise his fist, the former pro boxer unleashes a right-hand punch to the man’s head.

The man appeared to raise a fist to Francis before he was floored by the former British champ

The man was left unconscious after the right-hand blow from former champion Julius Francis

Pictured: Julius Francis (left) and Mike Tyson exchange blows during the heavyweight contest at the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester. Tyson won by a second round stoppage

Bystanders reacted with a mixture of shocked gasps and cheers as the stricken man’s friends rush to his aid. 

The man falls to the ground unconscious as his friends confront Francis, who walked away from the incident, and ask why he punched him.

The man is then rolled into the recovery position as his friend can be heard saying: ‘There was no need, there was no need.’

Francis, now aged 57, hung up his boxing gloves in 2006 with a professional record of 23-24-1.

Former British boxer Julius Francis (left) squares up to Mike Tyson (right) ahead of their bout

The former British heavyweight champion had notable bouts against four future or former World heavyweight Champions including John Ruiz in 1994 and Mike Tyson in 2000 – both of which he lost.

The condition of the man who was knocked unconscious is unknown at this stage. 

It is unknown if any arrests have been made in relation to the incident and the Met Police have been contacted for comment. 

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