Minibus driver taking Jewish group back to London dies in Belgium

British minibus driver taking Jewish group back to London dies, 15-year-old is fighting for life and 15 others are injured after vehicle overturns in Belgium ‘while driving away from collision with another car’

  • The minibus crashed after the driver lost control in city of Antwerp, Belgium

A British minibus driver who was taking a Jewish group back to London has died and 16 others were injured after the vehicle overturned in Belgium.

A 15-year-old boy remains in critical condition and is fighting for his life after the driver lost control of the minibus after allegedly hitting another car in the northern city of Antwerp at around 3.30am on Sunday morning. 

The driver allegedly failed to stop after hitting a BMW and continued his journey at speed before losing control of the steering while attempting to turn onto the ring road, according to local media reports.

The minibus then hit a tram pole and flipped over onto its side, killing the driver instantly and leaving the 15-year-old boy in critical condition. Police say 15 other passengers were injured in the crash.

The 15-year-old boy, who is suffering from life-threatening injuries, is currently being treated in Sint Vincentius Hospital in Antwerp. 

A minibus carrying British Jews crashed in Belgium, killing the driver and injuring 16, one critically

Police and ambulance are seen at the scene of the accident in Antwerp in Belgium on Sunday night

The injuries sustained by the remainder on board were described as minor, and most had already been discharged from hospital by Monday morning.

The driver of the BMW involved in the minor collision was also taken to hospital after he went into shock when he saw the minibus crash.

Antwerp police spokesperson Wouter Bruyns told local media: ‘The driver of the BMW followed the bus but stopped when he saw a police car.

‘The man reported the collision, and the police patrol pursued the bus.

‘When the patrol arrived at the intersection of Sint-Bernardsesteenweg and Generaal Armstrongweg, the bus was already on its side.

‘The medical intervention plan has been declared. Most of the passengers were lightly injured but still taken to the hospital.

Police are seen at the scene of the accident in Antwerp in Belgium on Sunday night

‘A 15-year-old is so seriously injured that he is in critical condition. Unfortunately, all help came too late for the driver. He died on the spot.’

The victim ran a regular bus service between the Jewish community in London and the Hasidic community led by Rabbi Leibish Leiser in Antwerp.

The group was returning to London when the accident happened.

The Pshevorsk movement led by Rabbi Leiser – the only internationally-recognised Hasidic movement based in Antwerp – also has followers in London and Manchester.

Bus services run from the UK to Antwerp nearly every week so believers can attend Saturday prayers and meals at the synagogue on Mercatorstraat.

The visitors then usually stay with family or friends in the city before returning back to the UK.

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