Met says sorry to mother of murdered sisters for 'unacceptable' probe

Met Police say sorry to mother of two sisters murdered in a London park for ‘unacceptable’ investigation – but she tells the force: ‘The time for apologies has long gone’

  • Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 21, were stabbed to death in Wembley
  • The sisters were out celebrating Ms Henry’s birthday at Fryent Country Park
  • They were stabbed to death by Satanic teenager Danyal Hussein, who had agreed to sacrifice women in return for winning the lottery
  • An investigation by the police watchdog found no evidence of discrimination in the search for the two sisters
  • Met Police has apologised to Mina Smallman for its ‘unacceptable service’

Metropolitan Police has apologised to the mother of two sisters stabbed to death by a teenage Satanist in a London park for its ‘unacceptable investigation’.

Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 21, were stabbed more than 30 times in a horrific and unprovoked attack while they were out celebrating Ms Henry’s birthday at Wembley’s Fryent Country Park in the early hours of June 6 last year.

Their bodies were found intertwined in undergrowth by Ms Smallman’s boyfriend two days after they had initially been reported missing to police. 

An Independent Office for Police Conduct investigation into the Met’s missing persons enquiry found no evidence of discrimination.

Nicole Smallman (left) and Bibaa Henry (right) were last seen dancing to music with fairy lights around 1am on June 6 after celebrating Bibaa’s birthday with friends in Fryent Country Park

Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman taken from Bibaa’s phone in Fryent Country Park that night

Mina Smallman, the mother of Nicole Smallman, speaking outside the Old Bailey in London after Danyal Hussein was found guilty of murder

The force, though, has issued a formal apology to Mina Smallman for providing an ‘unacceptable service’, Channel 4 News reports. 

The devastated mother told the programme that, despite the findings of the police watchdog, there were racist elements in the missing persons investigation.

She said: ‘No one was taking it seriously. There was no search put in place by police. Our phone calls were being disregarded. 

‘There was no action at all… Biba wasn’t even on as a missing person on the Sunday after we’d made calls on the Saturday. And you know, it’s shameful. It’s shocking that.

‘Right from the very beginning, they knew they were looking for two girls, two women of colour. I’m trying to understand. 

‘Why they didn’t follow procedure. What could the explanation be?’

Ms Smallman’s boyfriend Adam Stone had become worried when he had not heard from her and he and their family reported them missing at 9pm.

But police did not begin looking for them until at least 12.30pm on June 7, by which time Mr Stone had made the horrifying discovery. 

Mina continued: ‘The time for apologies have long gone.’

A MailOnline map shows where police were called to at around 1pm on June 7 to a report of two women found unresponsive 

Police received over 100 calls from the public after appeals for information (pictured, officers guarding forensics tents at Fryent Country Park near Wembley, north London on June 8)

The sisters had been part of a group of 10 people who congregated in the park from around 7pm on Friday, June 5 to celebrate Bibaa’s birthday. Pictured: An aerial showing police guarding the forensics tents in Fryent Country Park

Two police officers alleged to have shared photos of the sisters’ bodies said they were ‘sorry beyond measure for the pain they have caused’ after being charged with misconduct in public office on May 27 earlier this year. 

Pc Deniz Jaffer, 47, and Pc Jamie Lewis, 32, are charged with taking ‘non-official and inappropriate photographs’ at the crime scene before sharing them on WhatsApp between 7 and June 23, 2020. 

Mina told the BBC at the time that the pictures ‘dehumanised’ her children.

Both PC Jamie Lewis and PC Deniz Jaffer are charged with misconduct in public office

Nicole and Bibaa were targeted at random by Danyal Hussein, 19, who proceeded to attack the sisters as they took selfies with fairy lights.

Hussein had earlier made a blood pact with a demon to ‘sacrifice women’ in return for winning the lottery. 

After being linked to the murder through DNA and CCTV evidence, Hussein was arrested at his mother’s home, where officers made the disturbing discoveries in his bedroom.

The blood pact, which stated he carry out the killings and evade the attention of police, was found along with various Satanic symbols.

Murderer: Danyal Hussein, 19, who killed the two sisters,  seen here in his police mugshot

The moment murderer Danyal Hussein, 19, is arrested by police at his mother’s home

The letter was signed with his blood and tucked inside were three lottery tickets.  

Detective Chief Inspector Simon Harding said that the Met ‘had never seen in any murder case before’.

He was convicted of two counts of murder and possession of a knife following a trial at the Old Bailey on July 6. 

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