Meghan Markle is 'trying to be Princess Diana and will be a victim of her own ambition', claims top author

In an unfortunate turn of phrase, Tom Bower said Meghan is “trying to adopt the new role” and it will “end in the same way” unless the Palace tells the actress to change her behaviour.

The writer, who penned Rebel Prince: the Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles earlier this year, was discussing the recent negative stories about Meghan.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he said: “I don’t think anyone is out to get her, I think she’s a victim of her own ambition.

"People are unhappy – they always leak. That’s what Piers and I live on – the victims, coming forward and confessing their unhappiness.

“She’s trying to be Diana, trying to adopt the new role.

“The tragedy is that it will end in the same way unless someone steps in from the Palace and says this is the way it’s done here.”

Princess Diana, 36, died on August 31, 1997, after suffering fatal injuries in a car crash in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris.

An inquest held in London concluded that she had been unlawfully killed, blaming the crash on grossly negligent driving security guard Henri Paul and the pursuing paparazzi.

Mr Bowe, who also wrote books on Tony Blair, Bernie Ecclestone, Simon Cowell and Richard Branson, went on to say the Palace needs to tell Meghan how to behave.

He said: “The problem is there’s never been in the Palace someone who can step forward and say look Meghan, this is how you may have done it in Hollywood, but here in London we do it this way."

Speaking to journalist Radhika Sanghani, who defended Meghan, he said: "The problem is that the argument you’re putting forward is that she’s living in a goldfish bowl.

“You wrote that she deserves privacy. She doesn’t, she’s on public display and when you’re on public display 24/7 there’s a certain way of behaving.”

Mr Bower was debating a string of negative stories about Meghan which accused her of making Kate Middleton cry and emailing staff at 5am.

The US, 37, actress also allegedly complained about the smell of St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle and Prince Harry is believed to have shouted: “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.”

The show’s presenter, Piers Morgan, today slammed Meghan Markle and accused her of “acting her way to the top” in a furious rant.

He accused Meghan of “ghosting” him and “sacking him like a sack of spuds” after meeting someone “more important”.

Speaking on the show he described her as being a “piece of work”.

He also said he put her "in the cab to Harry to start with" but said he "never heard from her again" after she met him.

Piers added: “I’ve had my own experience with her, which was not great to be honest. I knew her for about a year and a half.

“I got on really well with her and then “bang” she met someone more important and immediately ghosted.

“I never heard from her ever again and the old slippery slope ladder had gone up and she social climbed her way out of my orbit.

“So my experience wasn’t great, I’ve got to be honest with you. And everything I’ve seen since does slightly smack of an actress, a Hollywood actress, seizing her chance and acting her way to the top.”

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