McDonald’s fans freak out at McFlurry stacking hack using a drink cup & it fits perfectly

MCDONALD'S fans are freaking out at a McFlurry stacking hack using a drink cup.

Videos show how a McFlurry fits perfectly on top of a drink cup – and the hack is blowing people's minds.

Vlogger David Dobrik shared the hack in a video on TikTok.

"I've got my McDonald's drink here, I've got my McFlurry," he said as he showed the two McDonald's items.

"Apparently it's supposed to hold your McFlurry."

He then stacked the McFlurry on top of the drink lid – and snapped it in to place.

"Why doesn't McDonald's advertise this? It makes no sense!" Dobrik said.

He then turned the cup sideways – revealing the McFlurry stayed on.

McDonald's fans were blown away by the hack.

McDonald's official account commented: "and y'all thought my only secret was sauce."

One person commented: "NO WAY."

Another person said they work at McDonald's and didn't even know the hack.

"I've learned more on TikTok than school," one person wrote.

One person said: "I did this and my friends dad kicked me out of the car."

Other TikTokers have since posted videos of the trick trying it out for themselves.

"We tried it an it ACTUALLY WORKS" one person wrote in text over a video as they showed themselves trying the hack.

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