Man who looks like a mummy has 'psoriasis and was never attacked by bear'

The identity of a ‘living mummy’ who was said to have been attacked by a bear and left to die has been revealed.

A doctor who claims the man, named only as Alexander P, 41, is his patient said he was never mauled by a beast but actually suffers from psoriasis and ‘bed sores’.

Pictures of Alexander from before the severe outbreak shows a very different image than the emaciated man seen naked in a hospital bed.

A video of Alexander emerged earlier this week after he was reported to have been rushed to hospital in Moscow with a broken spine following a fight with a bear.

He was initially said to have been pulled from the brink of death after he was discovered by hunting dogs in a bear’s den in a remote region of Russia.

But Dr Rustam Isaev from the Aktobe Medical Centre in Kazakhstan said the reports were false and insisted Alexander had never encountered a bear nor been in Russia.

Voices in the background of the video are also said to be in Kazakh not the Tuvan tongue.

A Russian news agency quoted Alexander saying: ‘The bear preserved me as food for later.’

But every hospital in the Russian region of Tuva, where the attack supposedly happened, have denied the man was ever a patient.

The bear attack story was first reported by Moscow-based news agency EADaily, who have since offered a cash reward to anyone who can ‘shed light on this event’.

Dr Isaev said the man was illegally filmed by medics and vowed to find and ‘fire’ those responsible, reports MailOnline.

The medic said Alexander’s mum was ‘deeply upset’ over the video.

He told the publication: ‘Alexander P is a resident of Aktobe city in Kazakhstan. He was treated at our hospital and at the end of this week was discharged, in a satisfactory condition, into his mother’s care.

‘He suffers from psoriasis. He had been lying at home, suffering from apathy, he did not want to live. He was in a depressive state.’

He said Alexander ‘neglected’ his psoriasis.

The doctor added that his mum and girlfriend visited him at the hospital.

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