Man breaks into Massachusetts Vietnam veteran's home during his funeral, had other targets: cops

Man suspected of burglarizing homes of people attending funerals arrested

Raw video: 37-year-old Daniel Lennon has been arrested in Franklin, Massachusetts after being suspected of breaking into homes while people are attending funeral services.

A 37-year-old Massachusetts man caught inside the home of a family attending the funeral of a Vietnam veteran relative was caught with an alleged list of other homes – each of which belonged to residents with a recent death in the family, police said.

The family of Daniel McIsaac, a U.S. Army officer who served in Vietnam, was attending his funeral in Wrentham over Memorial Day weekend when a security alarm at his daughter’s home started going off.

Maryfran Randall, McIsaac's daughter, told Boston 25 she didn't immediately suspect a burglary but thought it was odd for the alarm to sound – so, on a hunch she called the Franklin police to investigate her father’s home, which was also listed on the public obituary with the date of the funeral.

“They found somebody in there,” she said.

Franklin police said they found Daniel Lennon at the back of the condo. When asked why he was there, Lennon reportedly told police he had been out on a leisurely drive and was trying to find a place to go to the bathroom.

Police said Lennon had a notebook with him that contained several addresses in nearby towns — all with connections to families who'd recently lost someone.

Wrentham police said Lennon also broke into Randall’s home during the funeral.

“It breaks my heart because you are in such an emotional state and then all of a sudden you can’t even do what you need to do to remember your family member because now you are dealing with a whole other entity,” Randall said.

Lennon was arrested on burglary charges.

During a court appearance, his attorney told the judge Lennon had recently lost his job, Boston 25 reported.

Milford police said they are investigating two other recent cases involving break-ins while families were at funerals to see if there is any connection between Lennon and those crimes.

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