Lad shows off vile Harvey Price Christmas jumper leaving girl mortified as it's revealed eBay and Etsy STILL selling them

Mugs and t-shirts bearing Katie Price's disabled son were sold online last year with the caption: "Hello you c***".

And although eBay removed them at the time, sellers were still using eBay and Etsy to flog similar items this Christmas.

The video emerged online last week showing a grinning bloke showing his hateful jumper to a table full of his mates.

The footage shows a man in a restaurant unzipping his coat to reveal a green jumper emblazoned with a cartoon image of Harvey Price wearing a Santa hat above the slogan: "HO HO HELLO YOU C***".

One blonde woman sitting next to him looks extremely unimpressed with the offensive clothing.

Someone asks her: "Did you not know he was wearing that?" to which she replies: "No".

Another diner off-camera says "That is horrendous" while one of the group laughs hysterically.

The jumper-wearer says "Merry Christmas guys" but his unimpressed blonde companion immediately says: "Take it off now. Take it off."

The slogan on the jumper is from a phrase Harvey Price used during an appearance with his mum on Loose Women in 2016 during a discussion about online trolls.

When asked what he would say "if someone said something horrible" to him, he replied "hello you c***".

An Etsy spokesperson said: "Due to our privacy policy, we cannot comment on specific items or sellers.

"It is important to understand that Etsy is not a curated or juried marketplace."

A spokesperson from eBay said: "These items were immediately removed and the seller suspended. These items have no place on our marketplace."

Katie Price and her team have also been contacted for comment.


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