King Harry Ferry in Cornwall renamed by pranksters

Ferry funny! Sign leading motorists to Cornwall’s King Harry Ferry is modified by pranksters who cross out the word ‘King’ and write the word ‘Spare’ above it

  • The King Harry Ferry in Cornwall was renamed by pranksters 
  • Jokers gave the famous ferry a new name to make fun out of Prince Harry
  • ‘Spare’ is the name of Prince Harry’s book, which was released January, 2023

A famous ferry has been renamed by pranksters poking fun at Prince Harry’s new memoir.

The sign leading motorists to the King Harry Ferry near Philleigh in Cornwall was adoated in light of his recent book. 

The sign has the word ‘King’ crossed out and the word ‘Spare’ written above instead, referencing the Prince’s memoir.

A sign leading motorists to the King Harry Ferry, Cornwall was adopted in light of his recent book, Spare

Pictured: King Harry Ferry renamed by pranksters Spare Harry Ferry

The expression ‘heir and a spare’ is typically made in reference to members of the monarchy or nobility, who are said to need two children, one to succeed to a title and the other to guarantee the family line continues should anything happen to the first child. 

Clare Freeth, who runs Penhallow Farm Holidays noticed the changed sign and said: ‘They’ve re-named our ferry!’

Lisa Palmer thought the prank was hilarious, adding: ‘I burst out laughing when I saw it on Friday.’

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