Killer uncle, 31, who shook baby nephew to death to keep him quiet so he could watch FOOTBALL jailed for nine years

A KILLER uncle who shook his baby nephew to death while trying to keep him quiet so he could watch the football on TV has been jailed for nine years.

James Scott, 31, killed little Arlo Breslin while his mum was on the school the house he shared with his sister in Stoke, Coventry, on June 29, 2018.

The three-month-old premature tot suffered a "catastrophic head injury" and died two days later at Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Arlo was left "lifeless and floppy" after Scott shook him in a bid to keep him quiet so he could watch the football highlights on TV, a court heard. 

Scott's sister Sarah Breslin had left her son in the care of her brother while she took her older three children to school and Arlo's dad went to work.

She had given him somewhere to live after he fell out with their parents. 

Sarah returned home 45 minutes later, Scott was screaming her name and holding Arlo in his arms. 

Sarah returned home 45 minutes later, Scott was screaming her name and holding Arlo in his arms. 

Arlo was rushed to hospital in cardiac arrest but despite the best efforts of medics later died.

Scott denied shaking his nephew or causing any injuries.

He claimed the baby had been sleeping, but when he went to check on him he was convulsing and having a fit.

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Scott was was cleared of murder but was found guilty of manslaughter and jailed for nine years at Warwick Crown Court. 

Judge Martin Griffiths said: "The medical evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that between Arlo refusing a feed and the catastrophic brain damage which caused him to fit and die, you picked him up and shook him with such force that his brain function was damaged.

"You have not told us what caused you to do this because you have never admitted to doing it at all.

"Whatever triggered you, it was nothing that could possibly justify you laying hold of him at all, let alone with lethal force.

"You wanted to watch the football highlights and didn't like having to look after and watch Arlo as well.

"That is why you shook him, but you did it with such force that you killed him."

A post-mortem found the child had died of a catastrophic head injury, caused by non-accidental shaking in Stoke, Coventry, on July 29, 2018. 

During the trial, Scott lied and claimed his nephew could have been hurt accidentally by one of his siblings. 

He also said the Arlo's CPR was too rough. 

Judge Griffiths added:"Your sister trusted you to help her look after the children from time to time, and she had good reason to trust you.

"Everyone agrees that you were brilliant with all the children, and you were devoted to Arlo.

"Sometimes you were asked to watch over Arlo and give him a bottle, already prepared for you, when he wanted it.

"That is what happened on the morning of 29 June 2018.

"Arlo's mother got the three older children ready for school and went off with them, leaving you alone with Arlo.

"She left him lying in your arms and drifting off to sleep.

"She was only away for 45 minutes, and by the time she got back you had shaken Arlo into unconsciousness, causing him irreversible brain damage from which he never recovered.

"The ambulance crew and the hospital staff did everything they possibly could. But the brain injury you had inflicted on Arlo by shaking him was beyond repair.

"You later suggested that he might have been hurt accidentally by one of his siblings before you were left alone with him. That was not true.

"I am certain that you made this up to try and deflect blame.

"You also suggested his grandfather's CPR was too rough. That was not true either.

"With professional expertise as well as a grandfather's care, he did exactly what he had been trained to when trying to resuscitate a very small baby."

Arlo's family said their 'miracle baby' would never be forgotten. 

They said: "Our special baby boy, our warrior. Arlo is our miracle baby who we love very, very much.

"We will never ever forget you sweetheart. Sleep tight our angel. Keep shining down on us all."

West Midlands Police paid tribute to Arlo as a 'healthy and happy baby'. 

In a statement Detective Inspector Michelle Allen said: "Little Arlo was a healthy and happy baby who was dearly loved by his parents and family who have been left utterly heartbroken from this tragedy.

"This has been a tremendously sad case for us to investigate and has had a profound effect on the family.

"No parent ever expects to lose a child, particularly not at the hands of another person especially when they are a trusted family member.

"I hope that the verdict provides them with some comfort and allows them to start coming to terms with their loss, our thoughts remain with them."

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