Justice at last for Briton killed by an aristocrat with a candlestick

Justice at last for Briton killed with a candlestick by aristocrat as his murderer is sent back to jail after long court campaign by victim’s mother

  • Alex Morgan, 23, was murdered by Bennet von Vertes in 2014 on a Swiss ski trip
  • Vertes, the son of a Hungarian-German aristocrat, went on a drug-fuelled frenzy
  • Despite being friends, Vertes fatally attacked Morgan, believing he was ‘an alien’
  • The killed Briton’s mother, Katja Faber, has won her legal battle in a Swiss court
  • Aristocrat Vertes’ sentence has been increased from three to 12 years on appeal 
  • Vertes ‘does not remember’ killing Morgan with a candlestick and glass shard

A British mother last night won a seven-year battle for justice after the aristocrat who brutally murdered her son with a candlestick was jailed.

Alex Morgan, 23, died after Bennet von Vertes went on a drug-fuelled rampage and subjected his friend to a night of depraved violence, convinced his victim was an alien, during a skiing holiday in Switzerland in 2014.

Originally jailed for 12 years, Vertes’s conviction was downgraded to ‘negligent killing’ and his sentence cut to three years, sparking a marathon legal battle by Mr Morgan’s mother, Katja Faber, a former barrister and BBC journalist.

Last night, after Swiss appeal judges reinstated the initial punishment, plus a conviction for the rape of a woman in London in a separate case.

Miss Faber told the Daily Mail: ‘Vertes is a killer and rapist.

Katja Faber (pictured), a former barrister and BBC journalist, has won her legal battle to see her son’s murderer spend 12 years behind bars, after his sentence was downgraded to ‘negligent killing’ and his sentence cut to three years. Pictured: Katja Faber and her son, Alex Morgan, who died aged 23

‘I am delighted and happy that justice was finally done. I am hugely relieved that he has got to go back to prison.’

Her son, a former pupil at Prince Charles’s school, Gordonstoun, was a ‘witty, funny and bright’ young man, she said.

Vertes is the son of an aristocratic Hungarian-German art dealer, but his drug addiction led him on a downward spiral of violence. 

He met Mr Morgan while studying at Regent’s College in London.

‘Nothing comes close to child loss for any parent,’ said Miss Faber, who now lives in Spain. 

‘In Alex’s case the brutality in which he was killed is another thing altogether. 

‘Every day, as a parent, you have to say, “I will get up and I will survive”.

‘I have had to fight to get justice. By chance I used to be a barrister and I know people with more money get a better deal.

‘Most families of homicide victims do not have the energy to take this up. 

‘I may have been a barrister but this has not helped me deal with the grief. 

‘It has been horrendous to sit in court day after day.’

In 2014, Mr Morgan flew to spend New Year with his family on a skiing holiday. 

Bennet von Vertes (pictured), the son of an aristocratic Hungarian-German art dealer, threw Mr Morgan against a glass table which shattered before stabbing him with a shard of glass and hitting him with a 3ft candlestick, in a drug-fuelled attack during which Vertes said he believed his victim to be ‘an alien’

When he arrived in Zurich, he stayed with Vertes after losing the keys to his mother’s flat.

Following a drug-fuelled game of chess, the pair took a taxi to Vertes’ parents’ villa in Kusnacht. 

A powerfully built 6ft 5in kickboxer, Vertes threw Mr Morgan against a glass table which shattered. 

The Briton was stabbed with a shard of glass and hit with a 3ft candlestick.

During a hearing in Zurich, Vertes told judges: ‘I am sorry but I don’t have any reasonable memories of the crime.’ 

As for the rape, Vertes said: ‘I’ve never hurt a woman’s hair.’

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