John McAfee 'contingency plan' site appears for two days – and his crypto Whackd token climbs Over 700% after 'suicide'

A MYSTERIOUS "contingency" site emerged for late antivirus tycoon John McAfee just a week after his death – just as a crypto-token called whackd sees its value skyrocket.

A number of conspiracies pop up all over the corners of the internet following McAfee's, 73, death in Spain, in which officials say all signs "pointed to a suicide," including the valuation increase of the cryptocurrency.

The ethereum-based coin was trading less than a penny, but saw its price skyrocket 733 percent to just over $0.07 each.

Simultaneously, a new site showing the whackd coin surfaced on the internet, blaring a message reading of McAfee's "contingency plan" with a secret countdown timer.

The mysterious turn of events has done little to quench conspiracies regarding his death.

The antivirus tycoon was found dead on June 23 of this year in Spain, with the Catalan justice department saying it seemed like a suicide even as McAfee's widow Janice and his close friends have said he was not suicidal.

McAfee was found hanging in his cell in what appeared to be an apparent suicide.

Before the site disappeared from the internet – which some had archived – the site was found at and showed a pop-art drawing of McAfee.

Next to him was a countdown timer with the text reading: "Contingency plan activated. Something big is coming."

With the countdown set to 28 days and counting, the text changed to
"all the right people are scared. They should be."

Beneath that text and the timer reads an etherscan address to whackd's contract with McAfee that he announced in November 2019.

The ERC20 coin was launched by McAfee's Dex platform for trading, showing a maximum supply of 790,184,970 whackd among 30,587 whackd holders.

McAfee's death has only reinvoked old conspiracies like McAfee pulled a "dead man's switch" to get out of public light.

McAfee has previously alluded to his death as a major government coverup, earning the eyes of QAnon.

McAfee tweeted in 2019: "I've collected files on corruption in governments."

He added: "For the first time, I'm naming names and specifics. I'll begin with a corrupt CIA agent and two Bahamian officials. Coming today. If I'm arrested or disappear, 31+ terabytes of incriminating data will be released to the press.

"The instant I disappear the information is released. Those named would be crazy to kill me or collect me. They are simply praying I live forever. If it's released, revenge takes over and I'm dead."

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