Jerome Corsi Files “Criminal Complaint” Against Robert Mueller

The conspiracy theorist, who said last month that he won’t agree to a plea deal, has filed the paperwork, which experts say has no criminal force

Jerome Corsi, the longtime online conspiracy theorist and author, said in a series of interviews last month that while Special Counsel Robert Mueller has offered him a plea deal related to his alleged role in communications with Wikileaks, he had refused to accept it. Now, Corsi has launched a legal salvo against Mueller.

Corsi on Monday filed a 75-page document which he called a criminal complaint with the U.S. Attorney General’s office, alleging unethical behavior on the part of Mueller and members of his team. The complaint was followed with the help of Larry Klayman, who is serving as Corsi’s attorney.

However, according to the legal news website Law & Crime and other legal experts, what was filed by Corsi was not, in fact, a “criminal complaint,” because a federal criminal complaint by definition can only be filed by the government and not by a private citizen. There was a similar news story during Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, when a liberal group called the Democratic Coalition filed a so-called “criminal complaint” of its own against Kavanaugh. This led to headlines which implied, falsely, that the nominee was facing criminal charges.

The complaint also reiterates Corsi’s defense, as given in previous TV interviews, had not had advance knowledge of Wikileaks’ plans to publish hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee, but rather had figured out the plans on his own, which explains things Corsi said in emails to former Trump advisor Roger Stone.

Corsi and his lawyers also accuse Mueller and his staffers of leaking grand jury information and of witness tampering, obstruction and other misdeeds. It goes on to accuse the Mueller probe of political bias and of seeking to carry out a “coup” against the president.

Long associated with such right-wing media organizations as InfoWars and WorldNetDaily, Corsi for many years was one of the leading proponents of the theory that former President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Corsi even wrote a book, titled Where’s the Birth Certificate?, which was released weeks after Obama released his long form birth certificate in 2011.

Among other conspiracy theories Corsi has pushed includes the notion that former DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered in retaliation for having leaked the DNC’s documents to Wikileaks. As pointed out last week by The Daily Beast, Corsi did this despite emails from 2016 between Corsi and Roger Stone showed that they were aware at the time that hackers, and not Rich, had been responsible for the DNC emails release.

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