Is Rowan Atkinson really the most educated actor? The truth about his education

Did you know that Rowan “Mr.Bean” Atkinson is a Master in Electrical Engineering from Oxford? Read this post for some interesting facts!

Is Rowan Atkinson Really the Most Educated Actor? The Truth About His Education

It would be rather surprising for the unacquainted observer of popular culture with even little interest for comedy and popular comedians of our times, not to have heard of Rowan Atkinson. And to make things even more surprising, the guy even has completed a master’s degree in a complex and academically demanding field like Electrical Engineering. He studied hard and did his best to provide all the papers on time. Are you worried about the assignments you have to write today and the little time you have? You can always hire gradeonfire and read on!

Rowan was born in England, in Durham County at Consett. He was the youngest of four children, all were males. He was born in the family of the married couple Eric Atkinson who was a company director as well as a farmer and Ella May. The couple got married in 1945, on the 29th day of June, to be exact.

The oldest sibling of Rowan was Paul, who met a premature death as an infant. The other brothers of the noted comedian were Rodney and Rupert. It is to be noted here that Rodney is famous too in his own right as a Eurosceptic economist. Rodney was also almost elected as a party leader on the Independence Part of the UK.

Being an Anglican, Rowan received his primary education in the Choristers School in Durham. He completed his later initial education at St. Bees School. Newcastle University was the graduating school of Rowan Atkinson. It was however, in the famed Queen’s college of Oxford where Rowan completed his Masters in Science in Electrical Engineering. His father Eric matriculated at the same institute. In fact, in the year 2006, Rowan was nominated as an Honorary Fellow of the noted institute. Do you feel like watching some Mr. Bean videos to chill? No problem, hire, and relax a bit with Mr. Bean!

It was here at Oxford that the actor first received attention in 1976. The occasion was the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It was also during Rowan’s Oxford life that he became associated with the OUDS or the Oxford University Dramatic Society. He would act and perform early sketches during this period. At the same time, the actor also got associated with the club ETC or Experimental Theatre Club and Oxford Revue. It was during his stint at these organizations that the actor became acquainted with Richard Curtis, the noted writer. The life-long collaboration with composer Howard Goodall also had its inception during this phase of Rowan’s life.

However, it was the character of Mr. Bean that made Rowan a popular name. The basic idea of the character was to have a grown adult act hilariously like a child. The humor of Atkinson, like some of the best comedians in the world, was physical. Do you feel like you want to watch some of those comedies but are hard-pressed for time? Fine, hire A Writer after reading this a writer review and enjoy the best comedies with Mr. Bean starring.