Internet sleuths think Brain Laundrie is hiding in parents' backyard

Internet sleuths make claim that fugitive Brian Laundrie is hiding in a secret bunker under flowerbeds in parents’ backyard: Neighbors install ‘remember me?’ banner showing Gabby Petito over the street

  • Videos have begun to circulate claiming that Brian Laundrie, the sole person of interest in the Gabby Petito case, is hiding beneath his parent’s garden
  • Social media users zoomed in on drone footage of the Laundrie home in North Port, Florida, showing the parents in their garden
  • The posts claimed there was a secret bunker underneath the flowerbeds
  • The theory comes as police continue a now three week search for Laundrie 

Internet sleuths claimed Brian Laundrie, the lead person of interest in the disappearance and death of Gabby Petito, is hiding under a flower bed in his parent’s North Port, Florida, home. 

Videos surfaced on social media following drone footage of Roberta and Christopher Laundries tending to their backyard garden, with some believing that the 23-year-old fugitive has taken shelter in a secret bunker underneath the flowerbed. 

The conspiracy theory comes as police continue to search for Brian, who went missing on September 14 and is said to be hiding somewhere in the vast 24,565 acre Carlton Reserve in Venice. 

Two women claiming to be neighbors of the Laundries also showed up on Friday to post signs outside their home featuring a smiling Petito with the caption, ‘Remember me? Gabby Petito. Roberta and Chris I once lived with you!’ 

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One TikTok user zoomed in on the drone footage to detail Roberta Laundrie sifting soil in her garden. They claim it shows evidence that Brian Laundrie might be hiding underneath it

Many are sharing the viral video and asking the FBI to check the garden for signs of Brian

Brian Laundrie, 23, is the sole person of interest in the disappearance and death of Gabby Petito, 22, whose body was found in Wyoming on September 11.  

As cyber sleuths went wild over the drone footage, one TikTok user with the handle, charlienovasite, posted a zoomed-in version that they claim depicts some proof of Brian’s presence. 

‘There is definitely someone there. You cannot change my mind,’ the TikTok user wrote. 

Kmiller480, another TikTok user sharing the viral video, wrote, ‘Chris Laundrie agrees to assist in the search for his son, Brian. Meanwhile Roberta Laundrie is busy as ever in the garden. Has the FBI checked the garden?’

The post references Christopher’s trip on Thursday to guide officers to trails the family frequented at the Carlton Reserve, where officials found a ‘fresh campsite’ that could have belonged to Brian. 

The outing was the Laundries’ first public show that they were cooperating with police to find their son after initially keeping quiet when Brian returned home in early September in Petito’s car without her.

Petito was reported missing by her parents on September 11, and her body was later discovered in the Grand Teton National Park, in Wyoming. 

The Laundries alleged inaction has garnered them backlash, with Petito’s father, Joseph, branding the family ‘cowards’ on Dr. Phil earlier this week. 

Christopher and Roberta Laundrie reported that their son went missing three days after Petito’s body was found

People claiming to be neighbors of the Laundrie’s put up this banner at their house on Friday

On Friday night, two women were spotted posting a sign outside the Laundries home with a picture of Petito saying she once lived with the Laundries, who were set to be her in-laws. 

The video was captured by News Nation Now, and one of the women said, ‘Hopefully they can see it,’ before walking away.   

The Laundries’ attorney, Steven Bertolino, told CNN they believe Brian is located in the Carlton Reserve.

After Christopher’s first outing with police this week, Bertolino said, ‘There were no discoveries [on Thursday] but the effort was helpful to all. It seems the water in the Preserve is receding and certain areas are more accessible to search.

‘The entire Laundrie family is grateful for the hard work of the dedicated members of law enforcement that have been searching the Preserve for Brian over the last few weeks. Hopefully Brian will be located soon.’

He arrived later in the morning at the Mykkahatchee Creek Environmental Park as he guided law enforcement deeper into the Carlton Reserve where he and police believe his son is located

Officials found a fresh campsite at the T. Marbary Jr. Memorial Reservation. Laundrie’s abandoned Ford Mustang was found just at the outskirts of the area last month

Police and FBI agents have been searching for Laundrie in the swampy lands for three weeks

Christopher will continue to cooperate with law enforcement as agents finish investigating the new campsite.

Former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer also told News Nation Now journalist Brian Entin in a Twitter live video that she believes Laundrie will be found alive – just not soon. 

She also claimed Laundrie could be ‘loosely’ contacting his parents through their family attorney. 

When asked whether she thought Laundrie might still be communicating with his parents, Coffindaffer said: ‘Yes, although very loosely through the attorney.’ It is not known if Laundrie has spoken to this parents since he was reported missing.  

Speaking about why she believes Laundrie will be found alive, Coffindaffer said: ‘I believe he’s going to be able to hide in his surroundings. I think he’s a learned outdoorsman and survivalist and because of that I think he will be able to stay out of law enforcement’s grasp for a while.’ 

Investigators have chased down leads in multiple states since Laundrie went to ground three weeks ago but to date there has not been a confirmed sighting of the sole person of interest in 22-year-old Petito’s homicide. 

The FBI is currently investigating 11 alleged sightings of Laundrie along the Appalachian Trail close to the North Carolina-Tennessee border, exclusively revealed Wednesday. 

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