Instant karma! Feast your eyes on these videos of quick justice

Instant karma! Bungling robbers, thugs picking on the wrong women and an abusive pedestrian getting his comeuppance… feast your eyes on these videos of the universe dishing out immediate justice

  • MailOnline shares eight more moments of instant karma caught on tape

The idea of karma is that your intentions and actions have some bearing on your future later down the line.

But ‘down the line’ is vague, and there is relief in seeing consequences happen in real time, with valuable lessons for all.

Over the years, internet users have shared moments of ‘instant karma’, in which a victim – or cosmic justice – delivers a swift, corrective response in the moment.

MailOnline has once more rounded up some of the clearest moments of instant karma caught on camera.

Dancing nurse chases off intruder after he walked into her home

Brave Angela Goncalves caught on camera the moment a creepy home intruder walked into her house while she was dancing at her home in Paranagua, Brazil.

Video footage initially shows the nurse dancing at her home before a man appears at the back of the shot, apparently lurking in her garden.

He decides to walk through the side gate and to enter the house, standing uncomfortably in front of her.

At first, Goncalves appears to act naturally, but lashes out as he tries to grab her. 

She quickly reacts and chases him off the property, lashing out and kicking him in the process and calling him ‘crazy’ – she even leaps into the air and performs a mid-air karate kick on the intruder. 

Goncalves posted the video on Facebook and explained her reaction to the intruder: ‘I get scared and act naturally as if I knew him, until he reacts with the intentions of grabbing me.

‘On that, with my docile pitbull instinct, I beat the hell out of him.’

Goncalves told local media that she posted the video of her interrupted dance class to alert other women to the dangers of burglars. 

Angela Goncalves, nurse from the city of Paranagua in Brazil, who was dancing and recording herself, while being home with her 11-year-old daughter, when a man entered her house, trying to grab her, but she managed to throw him out, by hitting him and shouting

Video footage shows Angela Goncalves dancing at her house in Paranagua, southern Brazil on Wednesday. The man is seen lurking outside the property before going through a side gate and entering the house, giving Goncalves the fright of her life

The moment Angela snaps and hounds the man out of her home after he walked in uninvited

Thief tries to rob woman in the street… next to five ‘off duty cops’ 

This video appears to show the moment five police officers emerged from the bushes to save a woman being harassed by thugs while walking at night.

In the video timestamped 10:17pm, the woman is seen on CCTV trying to cross the road with a man who appears to be with her.

A motorbike pulls up in front of the couple and appears to engage with them.

The driver seems to reach over and take something from the woman before putting it on his lap.

But he stalls and puts his hands up to apologise as he notices three men with guns walking towards him in a line.


The man gets off the bike, drops the bag to the floor and cowers with his hands over his head as the men close in.

As they move to surround him, a fourth comes running in with a gun pointed at a thief. 

From the bushes, another then joins the scene, ushering the couple to safety with her bag.

It is not clear from the video who the men were or what they wanted with the thief.

On Reddit, commentators suggested they might be off-duty police officers.

User ttystikk commented: ‘Obvious setup to catch thugs; good.’ 

Tymauermann replied: ‘Not sure, she gets into the line of fire to grab her purse. I would think a trained person would back away and let the guys with guns subdue the biker then reclaim her property. But I wasn’t there so who knows?’

An opportunistic thug appears to grab something from the woman as she crosses the street

The man on the bike quickly cowered and dropped the bag when five emerged from the trees

The couple run to safety as the men surround the robber on the bike

Subway surfer will take the stairs next time

A few decades ago, Transport for London started staggering ‘Patress Signs’ on their escalators to stop people sliding down them.

It’s understandable. The smooth metal surfaces in long underground tunnels smack of underfunded British playgrounds. 

Alas, they are not slides, and misusing them can create untold dangers for users and fellow passengers – as this 22-year-old found out the hard way.

Freddie, from Tonbridge, Kent, was filmed sliding down the centre part of an escalator at London Bridge station.

The video shows the moment of instant regret as he makes… contact with one of the patress signs on the way down.

He later explained: ‘I was drunk, wasn’t thinking straight and was in a jokey mood,’ he explained. 

‘I’ve always wanted to do it to be honest. You see like a long slide and you think “that’s fun” – that’s just a bigger slide isn’t it.’

‘I caught myself on the first box,’ he said. ‘When I hit it I tried to get off but it turned me around. I put both hands out and something so sharp threw my hands.  

‘It hurt more to try and stop myself than it did going down the escalator – and that’s when I went straight forward and bounced like a diver.’

Hopefully a lesson for anybody else who had thought to try it, too, then. 

Freddie starts sliding down the escalator and has only a moment to reflect on his life choices

A face of instant regret seems to call out for help… before Freddie hits a second sign

Man messes with the wrong woman and ends up on the floor 

This is the moment one brave woman stood up to an abusive man in public and sat him down.

Distressing CCTV footage shows a man and a woman arguing in what appears to be a hotel reception, with a luggage cart behind them.

As the man behind the desk watches on, the scene suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

With an open palm face up, the woman gestures her point while the man she is with points a finger in her face.

He slaps her hand away, appearing to catch her in the face before grabbing her hand and twisting her arm.

The man continues to hold her while speaking to the receptionist as the woman uses her free hand to use her phone.

Sadly, she seems quite unmoved by the experience to this point and manages to free herself without much reaction.

He appears to explain the fight to the receptionist before grabbing her bag and raising it behind his head.

But as he chooses instead to shove her, she loses her cool and launches a wild kick, sending the man flying.

As he tries to get up she lands another into his front, setting him back in a crouch.

Finally, as the man raises an arm at her she lunges a third time, kicking him out of shot. 

The receptionist watches on. 

The man is seen harassing the woman while a receptionist watches on from behind the counter

The woman delivers a devastating kick to the man after he threatens and shoves her

The woman is seen kicking the man a third time after he hit and grabbed her in the lobby

Angry pedestrian gives a bus driver grief… and walks straight into a lamppost

Spatial awareness and being polite to strangers are both important life lessons usually learned in childhood.

But this aggressive dog walker took a little while longer for them to sink in.

This bus driver was left bewildered when an angry pedestrian turned and gestured rudely at a red light in central Adelaide, Australia.

The pedestrian raises his hand to the driver as the bus comes to a stop next to the lights. 

He points and then, with his right hand, makes a ‘slow down’ motion with his hand.

Which might be fair enough. But at the last moment, he decides it appropriate to throw in a middle finger for good measure.

The Gods of cosmic justice look unfavourably on the act and dish out some proportionate consequences. 

The pedestrian is seen immediately to walk into the lamppost, not seeing where he is going.

Perhaps through embarrassment, the man gets riled up further and charges at the bus. cursing and raising his fists.

But he soon moves on, walking out of shot with his dog in tow. 

The walker is busy gesturing at the bus as he crosses the road with his dog

…and doesn’t see the lamppost in front of him. Ouch!

Pensioner fights off mugger at cashpoint… and wins

This is the astonishing moment a 77-year-old fought off an attempted mugger outside a Sainsburys ATM in Cardiff, Wales.

The video, taken in February 2020, shows the pensioner collecting money from a cash machine in the Roath area of the city at around 6am.

An attacker approaches from behind and starts demanding money and cards from the victim – but was surprised when he started fighting back.

The man, seen wearing a flat cap, is seen grappling with the attacker before throwing punches.

South Wales Police said the suspect fled empty-handed from the scene following the attack.

They acknowledged his valiant efforts to defend himself, saying at the time: ‘The victim bravely fought off the suspect who made off empty-handed towards the path leading to Colchester Avenue.’

The man demanded money, but the pensioner fought back and threw punches at his attacker

The man is seen grappling with his attacker in the carpark in Wales, on February 18 2020

Elephant attacks woman after she teases it with food 

Elephants are sensitive and caring animals, rarely turning violent. But provoked, their long tusks and huge stature can be incredibly intimidating.

This video shows why. A woman in India is seen teasing the gentle giant with food, holding a banana up towards its mouth before pulling it back just as he went to take a bite.

The woman smiles at the animal, which sees through the nasty trick and sends her backwards through the air. 

The cameraman, presumably horrified, drops the camera.

Just prior to the attack, the woman could be heard saying: ‘How cool is he?’ 

Footage of the incident was shared on social media by Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service Officer who often shares intriguing wildlife content online.

Nanda captioned the post: ‘You can’t fool an elephant even though he is tamed. They are one of the most intelligent animals to be in captivity.’

The woman, pictured left holding a banana, is seen approaching the elephant before teasing it 

The young woman smiles dreamily at the pachyderm as she dangles the fruit in front of her, but he clearly sees through the ruse, swinging his trunk and tusks in a horrifying act of aggression, hurtling her backwards through the air

Crook brings a gun to a fist fight… and loses 

Here is the moment one thug bit off more than he could chew, attempting to hold up the wrong venue.

Collected CCTV footage shows a man in a white hooded top walking through a door and producing a pistol.

From another angle, he is seen walking up to a transparent glass door with the gun still in his hand.

But one quick-thinking bouncer spotted the gun and, undeterred, steps in to cut him off.

The bouncer grabs the man and is seen struggling out of shot.

Another camera shows the bouncer lifting the man in the air and dropping him down on an outside wall. 

He gives the man a beating before pulling him up and dropping him on the ground, relenting.

The bouncer appears to walk back towards the door but from the shadows seems to come back as the man gets to his feet, prompting him to run away from the building.

Someone deserves a raise! 

Bull gets its own back after being poked in the face at a Spanish festival

This is the moment a tormented bull exacts revenge on spectators during a bull running event in Castejon, Spain, earlier this month.

It’s a traditional spectator event, with crowds lining the streets to watch bulls run through closed off parts off a town.

Opponents of the tradition say the bulls end up stressed by the constant harassment, with some even dying.

This video shows crowds lining the streets in Sarasate de Castejón to witness the stampede… before one bull comes to a sudden stop in the middle of the road.

Surrounded on all sides by baying spectators, the bull appeared confused and tormented with onlookers shouting, waving and banging their hands against the barricades in an attempt to whip the bull back into a frenzy.

The crowd got more than they bargained for when one particularly impatient spectator took a long wooden stick and attempted to jab the bull in the face.

With a sudden burst of speed, the enraged bovine leapt over the fence, causing pandemonium and sending the audience scrambling in horror to evade its charge.

One unlucky local resident, Fernando Miguel, 61, attempted to evade the cow’s wrath by squeezing himself between the barricades.

He managed to avoid being gored by the bull’s horns, but the sheer force of the passing beast caused him to lose his balance, sending him toppling over backwards.

The back of his head hit the road with a sickening crack, knocking him out cold.

The Running of the Bulls’ official website notes that ‘the chance of being hit or gored in Pamplona is relatively low’ but that when runners do die it ‘usually [occurs] when a horn digs into a runner’s lungs.’

Nasty stuff.

The bull launched over the barricades and caused pandemonium as the spectators ran for their lives

Fernando Miguel, 61, was knocked out cold when he tumbled to the floor

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