Instagrammers violently ill posing at ‘unreal’ lake that is actually toxic dump

Instagram users have suffered vomiting bouts after taking pictures at an 'idyllic' lake that is actually a toxic dump.

The Monte Neme, in Galicia, Spain, is renowned for its remarkable turquoise water, however doctors are now warning that the lake contains harmful chemicals.

One visitor recently complained about getting a rash and vomiting after taking a dip in the lake.

The site is a hotspot for social media savvy tourists, who take pictures next to – and sometimes even in – the water.

Manuel Ferreiro, a doctor in Galicia, said prolonged exposure to the water could lead to vomiting and diarrhoea, The Independent reports.

Short stints in the lake are only supposed to cause skin and eye irritation.

One social media user reportedly said a rash was a price worth paying for a perfect shot in the lake, which is at the bottom of a disused quarry previously mined for Tungsten.

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