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THE ISLAND of Koh Phangan attracts thousands of backpackers every year but there is one secluded party spot they are all desperate to find.  

After a boat trip or a two-hour trek through the snake-infested Thai jungle, intrepid travellers can find themselves at the Eden Garden party. 

The bar is so exclusive that many only hear of its existence via word of mouth and they can expect to have the best night of their lives – with drug-fuelled raves till sunrise and cheap booze on tap.   

Koh Phangan is famous for its Full Moon Party, but those wanting to get away from the big crowds of backpackers can find a magical cove with a stunning beach and bar open till 12pm the following day. 

One travel blogger describes it as “one of the best parties I have attended in my life” and "far better than the “Full Moon Party”. 

Although the idyllic setting has become a place for hedonistic pleasure, it’s not for the faint heart hearted with partygoers warned not to wander from the venue. 

Nestled on the rocks of the island, many have fallen foul of the small walkway to the open-fronted bar. 

One visitor described drunken dancers falling to the rocks below "breaking bones and risking death." 

Others have warned about wandering into the snake-infested jungle alone and to keep a close eye on valuables – leaving them in the hotels and hostels where possible. 


Several traveller bloggers and backpackers have shared their experiences of the “hippy paradise” that everyone should visit at least once, according to locals. 

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Felicia Winston was looking for the “jungle experience party” when she first heard about the secret Thai bar. 

Looking for the boat taxi, she wrote: “Determined, I left the group and set out on my own. I eventually found what I was looking for. 

“A small wooden stand that had a piece of cardboard hanging off it that said boat to Eden. The price of transportation was $300 baht(£7.00).”

She describes the treacherous journey in the boat with “no safety standards” as being “dangerously full”. 

On arrival at the cliffside bar, visitors are made to walk along a “precarious” walkway, where accidents are supposedly common and can result in serious injury. 

A regular night at Eden bar sees ravers knocking back drugs and booze before relaxing on the rocks to watch the sunrise. 

Partygoers can buy drinks in the area for as little as £1.90 while dancing away into the early hours to electronic dance music and techno. 

Videos posted online, showed the backpackers dancing in the packed bar while others prefer to stand out on the rocks or along the beach. 

Other clips show the bar surrounded in complete darkness with the thudding sounds of music and disco lights visible in the distance. 

Another blogger describes the party as one of “the greatest secrets of the Thai islands” – a “party unlike any other” – and it’s completely free to enter.

But there is one important rule – all visitors must take off their shoes before entering.

They said: “The atmosphere is awesome and there is always a really great crowd here. The Eden Garden Party is held every Saturday and Tuesday and is one of the best psychedelic-themed events I have ever been to.”

However, one visitor on Reddit described the chaos that ensued during his time at Eden Bar.

He wrote on Reddit: “The party started great but very quickly got overrun by more and more people. 

“The space simply wasn't big enough for a crowd that size and it kept getting bigger and the boats kept dumping more and more…people.

“…This all culminated in multiple injuries at the party. I saw multiple people get hurt, including one girl who broke her ankle.”

Others warned about wandering into the jungle alone late at night as boozed-up partygoers can often get lost finding their way back to the boat taxi. 

One Brit TikToker who shared his experience of boarding the boat said: “It seemed so dodgy. 

“We were literally going into complete darkness, but we just went along with the journey and it took about 25 minutes. 

“Eventually we made it and trekked some more to get to the location. 

“[I] ended up staying there about six hours…I left alone so I spent the next half an hour trying to find where the boat was. 

“Thankfully luck was on my side and I made it to the right place.  

In another clip on TikTok, one young Brit is asked what the best parties in Thailand are. 

He said: “Number one, Eden Koh Phangan.”

Others responded: “Eden Garden is epic.”

Koh Phangan is famous for its nightlife, which has bounced back after taking a hit during the Covid pandemic. 

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The Full Moon Party returned this year and saw 50,000 travellers flood in, meaning a boost for local businesses and tourism. 

On average, around 1 million Brits visit Thailand every year, with the UK Foreign Office warning of terror attacks coinciding with symbolic dates and holidays as well as convictions for drug offences that lead to the death penalty.

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