Inside far-right group Patriotic Alternative linked to drag queen DEMO

Inside far-right group Patriotic Alternative linked to Tate Britain drag queen protest and anti-refugee riot is led by Neo-Nazi Holocaust denier whose followers racially abused Raheem Sterling

  • Group, which claims to have more than 15,000 members, set up by Mark Collett
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A series of violent disturbances in recent days have thrown a spotlight on Britain’s largest far-right group, which is led by a Neo-Nazi Holocaust denier whose followers once called Raheem Sterling a ‘n****r’.  

Patriotic Alternative is understood to have led a group of activists who picketed a ‘drag story hour’ by children’s author Aida H Dee reading at the Tate Britain in London on Saturday. 

The group has also been accused of fuelling Friday’s anti-refugee riot outside a hotel housing asylum seekers in Knowsley, Liverpool. It denied reports it organised the event but had been leafleting locally in recent weeks. 

Patriotic Alternative was founded in 2019 by Mark Collett, a Neo-Nazi who calls for a ‘racially pure white society’ and led the BNP’s youth wing before the party expelled him. It now claims to have more than 15,000 members. 

In 2022, supporters of the group were filmed by Channel 4’s Dispatches describing England and Chelsea striker Raheem Sterling as a chimp’ and a ‘n****r’.  

Patriotic Alternative was founded in 2019 by Neo-Nazi Mark Collett, who led the BNP’s youth wing before the party expelled him

The footage was secretly filmed at an annual meeting in the Peak District in July 2021, just before the Euros final. 

They also joked about shooting sport stars taking the knee in support of Black Lives Matter (BLM), with one saying: ‘No kneeling for n*****s.’

Another added: ‘When they’re taking the knee, just like that [gunshot motion and noise] . . . f***ing back of the head.’

In response, Dame Sara Khan, Number 10’s then counter-extremism commissioner, called for the group to be banned.

The organisation’s founder Mark Collett has long been prominent in British far-right circles and has a history of vile racist comments. 

He has voiced pro-Nazi sympathies, and in a 2021 book revealed he’d have been ‘proud’ to have taken part in its Nuremberg rallies. 

Describing the party members in attendance, he described how they ‘wore uniforms, looked healthy and were of good breeding stock’. 

The Leeds University graduate also complained in the book about the ‘established Holocaust narrative’ and its elevation to ‘an almost unquestionable truth’. 

He argued that ‘when it comes to the notion of white guilt, nothing is pushed more strongly’ than the ‘alleged extermination of six million Jews at the hands of the German people’. 

The group denied organising Friday’s protest in Knowsley but held it’s own demonstration outside the Suites Hotel last week and has been distributing leaflets (pictured) 

A police van has been set alight in Merseyside after protests outside a hotel housing asylum seekers turned violent

Mr Collett added that the future of Western man ‘lies in the wombs of the Western female’, however, Western man has no future if they are ‘occupied by the seed of a foreign people’.   

Under his leadership, Patriotic Alternative has become known for its provocative stunts, including setting up a ‘White Lives Matter’ banner on the summit of Ben Nevis. 

The group, which wants all non-white people removed from the UK, also tries to soften its image with ‘family friendly’ events such as litter picks and cake sales. 

Previously banned from Twitter, it was restored in December last year after the platform was bought by Tesla billionaire Elon Musk, a self-described ‘free speech absolutist’. 

A teenager was yesterday charged with beating an emergency worker during Friday’s riot outside the Suites Hotel in Knowsley, Merseyside.

Jarad Skeete, 19, was among 15 people arrested -including a youth aged 13 – after a demonstration turned violent on Friday night as a police riot van was set ablaze.

The violence, which Labour MP Lisa Nandy suggested had been stoked by far-Right agitators, left a police officer and two members of the public with slight injuries after fireworks were thrown at officers and the police van was set alight after being attacked with hammers. 

A police van was destroyed amid the riot outside the Suites Hotel in Knowsley 

Right wing protesters clash with counter protesters outside the Tate Britain gallery in London in response to a ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

Patriotic Alternative had protested outside the hotel earlier this month, but denied organising Friday’s event. 

The group has been widely reported as being behind Saturday’s protest outside the Tate Britain, which saw right-wing protesters wearing t-shirts with slogans such as ‘groom dogs not children’ clash with pro-LGBT counter demonstrators. 

The Tate, in Millbank, central London, had been hosting Drag Queen Story Hour UK, with tales told by Aida H Dee, who the gallery’s website describes as ‘the first drag artist in Europe to read stories to children in a nursery’.

Lance O’Connor, 53, of Plaistow, east London, is due to appear in court today accused of assault on an emergency worker, obstruction of a police officer and two homophobic aggravated public order offences. 

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