Inside eerie abandoned church with pentagram scrawled on the floor

AN ABANDONED church has gone viral after it was discovered to have a large pentagram scrawled in the middle of the floor.

The creepy illustration in the deserted chapel situated in the snowy woodland of Quebec, Canada, has set tongues wagging online.

Users have been left pondering whether the building was used for surreptitious religious practices or if it was vandalised at a later date to spook the next finder.

Upon entry, it appears to be a quaint, unassuming church with stained glass windows, surrounded by a scenic snowy forest.

But upon a closer look, some of the tiles from the windows have been smashed in and the letters S and P strangely overlap on the front door.

Inside, the walls are lined with wooden planks, to give a cosy log cabin feel.

But what cannot go unnoticed is the group of chairs circled around a large pentagram scrawled on the floor.

It's unclear whether the church has been abandoned with these chairs and pentagram left in their position or if someone arranged them and vandalised the ground at a later date.

A video exploring the church on YouTube and photos on Reddit have generated attention and debate on both platforms.

Its remote location and the chilling scrawling have caused a stir, with users desperate to find out more about the interesting place.

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Many users complimented the architecture of the church while others focuses on the pentagram.

One user on Reddit said: "It‘s a church of satan now. nice".

While someone else challenged this interpretation saying: "The pentagram was for a seance, people. Not for Satan. The chairs indicate the age of the guests, nothing more.

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"Satanists tend to leave behind more, uh, …”literature.”"

But another joked saying: "I thought the circle of chairs was left over from an AA meeting at first, until I saw the chalk lines."

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