Inside camp linked to Kaitlin Armstrong 'who may have fled to secluded mystery area after killing love rival Mo Wilson' | The Sun

THE remote campsite where fugitive yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong may have fled to after allegedly gunning down her cyclist love rival is so secluded that many locals in the area don't even know it exists.

Armstrong, 34, is being sought by police over the murder of professional cyclist Moriah "Mo" Wilson, 25, who was found shot to death in Austin, Texas, on May 11, 2022.

No concrete trace of Armstrong has been found since May 14, 2022, when she was spotted leaving LaGuardia Airport in New York hours after being quizzed by cops in Texas over Wilson's death.

Austin police issued a warrant for her arrest on May 17.

A potential lead in the case emerged earlier this week when an anonymous dweller at a hippy wellness retreat near Livingston Manor in upstate New York claimed to have seen Armstrong at the site around a month ago.

The retreat, known as Camp Haven, is around two and a half hours away from LaGuardia and is also home to Armstrong's younger sister, Christine, who recently moved from Austin to volunteer and live at the camp full time.

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There is no suggestion that Armstrong's sister is involved in her disappearance.

The Sun visited Livingston Manor on Friday, June 17, 2022, and found Camp Haven gated off from public access with a sign reading "CAUTION … No Trespassing" displayed out front.

Small gatherings of tents could be made out through tree lines, but there were no signs of life within view.

Maya Kovalyov, the treasurer of Haven for Humanity, the non-profit that runs Camp Haven, declined to comment about Kaitlin Armstrong's potential presence at the site when approached on Friday afternoon.

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Kovalyov admitted that police had been to the camp recently to investigate the claims but refused to provide any additional information.

"I don't want to talk about it," she insisted, waving her arms in a crossing motion inside the camp's store.

"It's been crazy here for the past few days, that's why I don't want to say anything."

Many residents said they were unsure what Camp Haven was when approached by The Sun, with a number insisting they'd never even heard of it.

Others who said they were familiar with the site said little was otherwise known about the ongoings inside, calling Haven for Humanity's members "nice people" but the kind who preferred to keep to themselves.

One store owner, who asked to remain anonymous, said the camp is willing to "take in" anyone as their own, even outsiders and those who the rest of the community has otherwise ostracized.

The store owner pointed to one alleged "problematic" local who has been accused of stalking and harassing women in the local area and otherwise causing a general nuisance.


According to the store owner, Haven for Humanity befriended the outcast and even assisted him in a series of building projects.

"They're willing to take in anyone as their own … kind of like, 'you're a kind of weird person, we're kind of weird so we will look out for each other.'

"They're really nice people they just keep to themselves," the store owner added.

"Nobody really knows much about them or what goes on in the camp."

Haven for Humanity has not yet returned a request for comment on the claim.


Dozens of locals interviewed by The Sun said images of both Kaitlin and Christine looked unfamiliar.

Regulars in the town center said they have no doubt that had either one of the two sisters ventured into the square at any stage, they certainly would've seen them.

"If she was ever living up at that camp, then she must've just stayed up there because I haven't seen her around here," one worker at a local ice cream shop said of Kaitlin.

"I'm here 80 hours a week, if she was here I would've seen her for sure."

A spokesperson for the United States Marshalls confirmed its investigators were aware of the location as part of its manhunt but said they are unsure whether Kaitlin Armstrong was ever at the site, calling it a "possibility" that remains under investigation.

The Sun was the first to report that Christine Armstrong was living and working at Camp Haven, having confirmed with a spokesperson by phone on Wednesday, June 15.

The spokesperson declined to comment on how long Christine has stayed at the camp.

Records obtained by private investigator Jason Jensen show she registered the camp as an address on May 17, 2022, three days after Kaitlin Armstrong was last seen.

The same day, someone identifying as "Christine Armstrong" appeared to have applied for a New York driver's license in her name.

Jensen, who has been a PI for 15 years, said he believes Kaitlin may be going by her sister's name to travel undetected.

"The last place Kaitlin was cited was at New York LaGuardia Airport on May 14 and just three days after that, an address pops up in New York state in Christine's name.

"What are the odds that you see Kaitlin in New York, and three days later, Kaitlin's sister has a new license and address listed in New York?" Jensen asked.

"It makes you wonder if Kaitlin borrowed or stole a passport or some form of ID from Christine before she left Austin and has now used it to get a New York state license with her photo on it."

It makes you wonder if Kaitlin borrowed or stole a passport or some form of ID from Christine before she left Austin.

Where Armstrong may be hiding now remains "the big mystery," Jensen says.

According to the investigator, typically, in such cases, fugitives deploy one of two strategies in their efforts to evade cops.

One of the tactics used is to return to areas where they once lived because they're familiar with the area and feel they can easily "blend into the terrain," according to Jensen.

"They're accustomed to traveling around their chosen place and they know where they can go off and hide," he said.

"The other thing that they can do is they will turn to friends or trusted confidants or family members that can help them out and get them money, give them shelter, but once a warrant has been issued for their arrest, whoever helps them is at risk of facing charges of harboring a fugitive."

Armstrong, who originally hails from Michigan, may have returned to her home state and could've even fled the US over the Canadian border using a fake ID, Jensen suggests.

She may also be hiding in a remote part of New York, he claims, or even living in New York City itself, altering her appearance to blend in and hide in plain sight.

Having been on the run for more than a month, Jensen said Armstrong's ability to avoid detection suggests that she's hiding in a remote location, waiting either for law enforcement to catch up with her or "until she decides to take her own life."

He said it's only a matter of time until she's caught, though it remains unclear if she's being actively assisted by any friends, confidants, or family members.

As an investigation continues, Armstrong's boyfriend, Colin Strickland, told The Sun in an exclusive interview that the tragic events of the last five weeks have left him "shell-shocked."

"I'm just in shell-shocked grieving mode," he said, denying any secret romance with Wilson.

"I'm not doing well. Why not? Drama and catastrophe."


Police believe Armstrong murdered Wilson in a jealous rage after becoming convinced she and Strickland were having an affair.

Wilson and Strickland had dated briefly last fall while he and Armstrong were on a break.

The night she was killed, Strickland told police he had gone swimming with Wilson, and then the pair had dinner together.

He says he then dropped her off at home, where she was later found dead on the bathroom floor with multiple gunshot wounds.

Investigators say just one minute after Wilson arrived home, security footage shows an SUV similar to Armstrong's appearing to pull up outside the property.

Detectives analyzed shell casings found at the scene of the murder against a gun belonging to Armstrong, writing in an affidavit, "The potential that the same firearm was involved is significant."

During an interrogation on May 12, officers confronted Armstrong with the video evidence, but the fitness enthusiast reportedly offered no reaction and remained "still and guarded," police documents show.

Investigators used an outstanding but unrelated class-B warrant for her arrest to bring her in for question about the death of Wilson.

Armstrong's date of birth was incorrectly listed on the document, and police could not arrest her for the class-B offense and forced them to let her go.

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She fled to New York two days later and remains on the run after more than five weeks.

Anyone with details on where Armstrong could be is asked to call the US Marshals Service Communications Center at (800) 336-0102 or submit a tip using the USMS Tips app.

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