I'm stuck on my own driveway because of a £49m bypass – the traffic is so loud I can't hear anything in my home all day

FED UP residents are being deafened by traffic thundering along a "monstrous" £49m bypass built near their homes.

Locals have claimed drivers are using their once-peaceful country lane to join the "waste of money" bypass – leaving them STUCK on their own driveways.

Retired nurse Janet Fellows, 80, has told how trying to drive out of her home is a "nightmare" in the village of Gedling on the outskirts of Nottingham city centre.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, along with her son Neal Fellows, she said: “The road is monstrous and the main problem is dirt and noise – loads of it.

“Trying to drive out of our driveway is a nightmare, the traffic is going so fast and you’re stuck for many minutes then just have to take your chance.

"At times it can be terrifying."

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She added: “The noise of cars and lorries whizzing by is absolutely awful.

"There is continuous traffic flying past our houses every day from 8am to 6pm and then it calms down after that.

"But it is so loud and deafening you can't hear yourself speak let alone think during the day in the privacy of your own home."

Janet is among dozens of incensed locals living in the village, whose lives are being blighted by the recently built road.

They say it is designed to serve a new 1,000 home estate currently under construction.

Janet told how continuous building of the controversial road for nearly three years and a huge roundabout has caused a “significant increase” in traffic and speeding.

She said: “As well as the noise there are big clouds of dust and you are forever cleaning dirt and mud off your car and house windows.

“I never agreed with the new road scheme which does nothing to benefit the existing residents.

"It has only been put in for the new estate up the road which is only half built and it is dangerous for us to get out onto because of the sheer volume and speed of traffic."

The road is monstrous and the main problem is dirt and noise – loads of it. Trying to drive out of our driveway is a nightmare, the traffic is going so fast and you’re stuck for many minutes then just have to take your chance.

For 22 years, Janet has lived in her semi in Lambley Close – a rural lane they fondly remember being surrounded by fields with grazing horses – which now intersect with the new Colliery Way bypass.

Her son Neal, 52, fumed: "It is absolutely shocking and the traffic has increased 20-fold.

"All the traffic has been moved onto the new road which is waste of a vast amount of money.

“It is an awful scheme and just after our row of houses a section of the road has been cut off.”

Neal, a web editor for Derby-based Rolls Royce, told how it can take him ages driving out of home for work.

He is often stuck sitting on his drive for many minutes waiting to get out.

Neal said: "I am only going into work two days a week, the rest working remotely from home, but the road is too busy and too dangerous.

"It is so noisy, annoyingly loud, and at part the road is only 30mph but vehicles come flying past a lot faster.

"It used to be such a lovely quiet and peaceful lane.

"I am forever watching the cars and lorries keep going by, they thunder past half way on the path at times, and my car parked is always so dirty.

"I only washed it yesterday and now it is covered in grime again.

"There is a blind hump back bridge along the road drivers literally fly off beside two playing fields.

"It is so dangerous and an accident waiting to happen, and part of the road on a diversion."

Retired office worker Julia Rigby, 72, said: "There have been so many problems and queues galore for residents wanting to get in and out of home.

"The new road being built has caused al this chaos and it’s driving us round the bend.

Disgruntled Resident Keith Brookes, 70, moaned: "There have been lorries that have parked outside my house so I can't get off my driveway.

"The road is so busy, it can be wheel-to-wheel."


Another local, who declined to be named, told his cat was hit as he battled to get out of his driveway into Lambley Lane last week.

He said: “It was my first accident in 30 years and all because of the new road.

"The problem is no-one lets you out. If this is what it is going to be like from now on, then I can't live here.

"It's been horrendous – absolutely horrendous."

Warehouse supervisor Kirk Mellor, 61, said: "Going to work is so chaotic because of the new road. You are stuck driving out of your home which is ridiculous.

"Road improvements have to happen but this one hasn't been very well thought out and implemented in my opinion.

"You raise an objection with the council but you’re quickly shut down. Such a pain and no gain for the residents along this stretch."

Nottinghamshire County Council's Head of Highways and Transport Gary Wood said: "Works are currently ongoing to connect Arnold Lane to the new five-arm roundabout on Colliery Way.

"While these works are taking place, Arnold Lane is closed between its junction with Mapperley Plains and Linsdale Gardens.

“Diversion routes for motorists are in place on the strategic road network so as to not positively encourage traffic to use Lambley Lane and Arnold Lane, as these are routes which have a significant number of residential frontages, pedestrian activity, bus stops and local amenities.

“We have made every effort to encourage as much traffic as possible to avoid local routes given that Colliery Way is now open and provides a safe, suitable diversion route to Arnold Lane."

In January, a Brit living right beside a busy motorway teeming with traffic said he'd never move from the idyllic location.

Neil Clifford's home in Port Talbot, Wales, overlooks the busy M4 which hosts four lanes of busy traffic generating noise pollution and car fumes.

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