ICE raids targeting illegal immigrants to start Sunday: report

Immigration raids that will targets thousands of undocumented immigrants in cities across the US are scheduled to begin on Sunday, a report said Thursday.

The raids, which are backed by President Trump, will target families who recently crossed into the US and who have been ordered deported, the New York Times reported, citing unnamed officials with knowledge of the plan.

They’ll be carried out over several days and will be executed by ICE agents, according to the report.

The raids will also include “collateral” deportations, according to the report, where immigrants who were not targeted by the authorities but are at the scene will be detained.

The agents will target at least 2,000 immigrants in at least 10 US cities, the report said.

Families who are detained in the raids will be held in detention centers in Texas and Pennsylvania, but some may end up staying in hotel rooms until travel arrangements out of the country are finalized, according to the Times report.

In late June, Trump said he would delay his plan to round up the 2,000 undocumented immigrants for two weeks.

“At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks,” he tweeted on June 22.

Earlier that day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged Trump to cancel his plan to have Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrest and deport illegal immigrants from 10 cities including New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Houston, Miami and Los Angeles.

“Families belong together,” Pelosi said in a statement. “These families are hard-working members of our communities and our country.”

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