I woke up to find my petty neighbours secretly boarded up my garden fence gate – we’ve been at war for years | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER was left "perplexed" after she woke up to find her back garden gate completely boarded up by her "petty" neighbours.

Rashonda Kelly, who lives in Virginia Beach, in the US state of Virginia, said she knows the people responsible and was "very suspicious" as to why they did it.

The woman believes it was all done to stop her from getting direct access to a nearby neighbourhood.

Her backyard fence sits in a strategic position – separating Virginia Beach from the Summerset Lake community.

In 2015, when the story was reported by 10 On Your Side, Rashonda's fence became the hot topic of debate between her and the area's Homeowners Association (HOA).

The gate went up in early February 2015, but when Rashonda came out back in March that same year, it was boarded up, with pieces missing.

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"I have no gate, it's gone. Completely gone," she said.

Danny Wasserman was responsible for the original work and told the American news channel that one man, claiming to be with the Summerset Lake condominium association, called him shortly after the work was done.

"He demanded that I come there and I remove the gate, make it whole and make it solid," he said.

Dan refused the request but Rashonda claimed someone took it upon themselves to take her gate apart.

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There is now a debate over whose property the fence is on.

A surveyor told the homeowner that the fence is on her property, but the HOA disagrees, saying the fence is on their private road.

Rashonda said: "Him taking the gate doesn't stop me from going to that street and walking down it.

"So I'm very perplexed as to his main goal."

At the time of reporting, local authorities in Virginia Beach said the fence was too close to the property line to determine one way or the other.

Rashonda said she wanted the person responsible punished, and her gate back in place.

However, the HOA was fighting against it, saying they have maintained the fence for more than a decade.

The story has resurfaced on TikTok by @neighborhooddisputes this April, and viewers had divided opinions as to who was right in this fence row.

One wrote: "Clearly not the HOA's fence."

"I think the fence is hers and they don't have the right to touch it," another replied.

Rashonda's situation is not the only fence row that took over the news and social media.

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