I was in the shower & needed to pee – suddenly my baby's LEG popped out – her hero dad helped deliver her

A HERO dad delivered his own baby daughter – in the shower.

Stuart Tyrie, 34, told how his partner Taylor Penman, 24, had been suffering contractions last Tuesday morning and had gone to cool off in the bathroom while they waited on an ambulance.

But the Aldi store assistant suddenly went into full on labour and gave birth to little Eve Elizabeth while still holding the shower head in her hand.

Stuart said: "It was terrifying for us both but our baby somehow came into the world safely – and certainly with a splash. She's absolutely perfect.

"Hopefully her first bath tonight won't be as dramatic."

Stuart told how he heard a deafening shriek from the bathroom only to see Taylor standing in the shower with a foot dangling out of her.

He said: "I was terrified and immediately called 999, but Taylor just knew what to do and my adrenaline kicked in. I placed the phone down and went into autopilot."

Taylor added: "All of a sudden I felt this sudden urge to pee then felt felt her foot pop out. She was in breach.

"I knew I needed to get this baby out of me fast – and I felt the sudden urge to push, so just did what my body was telling me to do.

"I remember looking at Stuart and his face was as white as chalk, sheer panic was on his face but he came over beside me and helped guide her out"

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But further panic arose as the umbilical cord became wrapped round the tiny tot's neck.

Aldi assistant manager Stuart said: "After the other foot came out, her body was just dangling there. She looked so lifeless, it was very scary.

"I eventually managed to unravel the cord and gave her a wee rub with my hands.

"And it worked, she turned pink and gave out her first cry, what a relief for us both. It was an unforgettable and amazing moment."

As Taylor sat down into the bath, holding her newborn, the medics on the phone told Stuart to grab some shoe laces to tie the umbilical cord

Once the ambulance crew arrived, he was given the honour of cutting it before mother and baby were transported to Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock to be checked over.

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Taylor said: "It was in the ambulance when the pain hit me, so I was finally given gas and air.

"It was funny when the placenta came out with Stuart's running shoe laces attached to it.

"They actually asked if he wanted them back but was like, 'no you can just keep them.'"

Eve – who weighed 7lbs 10oz – had a swollen foot from where it got stuck during delivery, but was otherwise perfectly healthy.

Taylor added: "And I can't believe how great I feel, it must be because it all happened so fast and I didn't spend 10 hours in the labour ward.

"They did keep us in overnight as I had high pressure, which is no surprise."

Now the couple are settling into their home in Irvine, Ayrshire, as a family of three, where baby Eve is thriving.

Stuart said: "I am in awe of Taylor and just can't believe how amazing she did, she was an absolute hero and even managed to walk out to the ambulance.

"Eve is doing great. She's so beautiful. I can't stop looking at her.

"We are so grateful to the ambulance team and would like to say a big thanks."

Taylor added: "I think I'm about getting my head around it because it doesn't seem real.

"Stuart called 999 at 7.31am and I was holding Eve by 7.33am – it felt like the longest two minutes of my life.

"We just can't believe it happened like that, we are so lucky. What a way to come into the world."

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