I was hounded by mystery stalker's sexual calls & used secret phone hack to expose him… only to find out it was my UNCLE | The Sun

A MUM-of-two has revealed her hell after discovering a long-time stalker was in fact her UNCLE.

From the age of 15, Kristen Kime was bombarded with phone calls by a man who performed sex acts at the other end.

The menace said he knew exactly where she was and used vile language as he described what she was wearing.

The horrific ordeal left Kristen, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, fearing she'd be sexually assaulted.

The abuse rampaged for years until Kristen, now 30, downloaded a software to unlock withheld numbers on her phone.

But her world changed forever when she typed the number into Facebook, only for her uncle, Steven Turner, 49, to pop up.

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The mum-of-three explained: "For years Steven terrorised me with late-night calls.

"He'd ask 'Do you know what I'm doing?'' and start breathing heavily. He was masturbating, it was disgusting."

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Kristen first thought the calls were pranksters from school and she begged them to stop.

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Her parents told her to ignore them but one day as she walked home from her uncle's house with her cousin, she got another one.

The stalker described "exactly" what she was wearing and it left her so terrified she sprinted home.

Chillingly she later confided in Turner who pretended to be concerned but nothing changed.

For the next two years she would get calls nearly every night, and it only stopped when Kristen turned 17 and got a boyfriend.

Almost the day her relationship ended in 2018, Kristen, then 25, received a call.

'100 calls a night'

She answered to hear a man heavily breathing and spouting sexual things about her.

Within two months, and after over 100 late-night calls with many waking up her baby, her stalker made a reference to Kristen's infant.

It left her shaken to the core and her parents ended up escorting her around.

That was until November 2018 when her mum recommended a program which unlocks unknown numbers.

After revealing her stalker's number she put it into Facebook and initially thought it was a mistake when her uncle came up – it wasn't.

When confronted, coward Turner denied being the stalker and even claimed he had been "hacked" – he encouraged her to go to the police.

Turner was charged later that month but denied any wrongdoing.

He'd ask 'do you know what I'm doing?' and start breathing heavily. He was masturbating, it was disgusting

As cops gathered evidence, another woman was identified as a victim of his stalking.

On Friday July 7, Turner was sentenced to two years in prison after being found guilty of two counts of stalking involving serious alarm and distress.

He was also smacked with restraining orders for both victims.

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PC Thomas Rogers, of South Yorkshire police, said: “Turner’s actions have caused both victims years of torment.

"It is only right he will now spend time behind bars for this horrendous and unprovoked harassment of two victims. "

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