I nearly died on my mission to become a bimbo fetish model but I love my 38J boobs so I’m never going to stop

A PLASTIC surgery addict almost died during one procedure on her vagina, but says she'd happily do it all again.

Mary Magdalene, 26, from Toronto, Canada makes her living posting pictures of her extraordinary body online, and has amassed thousands of followers worldwide.

The heavily-tattooed model had her first cosmetic procedure at 21 and recently had 5,000cc breast expanders enlarging her already enormous cup size which was 38J .

Speaking of her brush with death in 2019, she said: "The most unusual operation I had was very recently, on my vagina.

"I custom designed it, so I have the fattest in the world.

"I almost died during [the] procedure. I had to get two blood transfusions.

"The doctor said i was losing so much blood, and turning very pale. He thought I was going to die.

"I felt nauseous for a whole week, and I thought I was dying and had a bad allergic reaction to my new blood I received from the transfusion."

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To achieve her unique look, she's had a brow lift, fat transferred to her cheeks and lips, along with countless nose jobs, boob jobs, lip fillers and dental work.

Asked about her first surgery, she said: "It was a boob job. I was working as a stripper since I was 17, and I’ve always loved the fake bimbo look."

And while she is proud of her striking appearance, she admits that some of the attention she gets is not always positive.

"People judge the hell out of you,” she said.

"They decide you’re a bad person. They can be really mean.

"And people have a false perception of my personality. I’m just a nerdy weirdo, but guys only want to sleep with me.


"Seriously, everybody just wants to sleep with me all the time.

"Cab drivers, doctors, dentists – girlfriends even. It’s disturbing. I’m not a robot."

Mary has a growing number of followers on subscription site OnlyFans – but says she's had some odd requests from admirers.

She said: “Someone said he wanted to give me all of their kids money. That was strange.

"Another guy said he wants to leave his wife for me – but he was broke and ugly."


Speaking with No Jumper podcast in October, Mary said people often touch her without permission when taking selfies.

She said: "I was at the club the other day and this girl started licking my t*ts and I didn’t like it.

“That’s what I don’t like about my look, it’s whenever people come and ask for a picture, they feel like they’re entitled to touch me.

“It’s like ‘babes, if you want to touch me, ask’, I hate how they feel like they can grab me. That’s wrong."

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