I have a 55inch bum and I'm working to get it BIGGER – follow my fitness journey, says model | The Sun

A PLUS-sized model with a 55-inch bottom says she wants to boost her most valuable asset.

Steph Oshiri, 28, has won an army of fans by showing off her generous curves on TikTok and OnlyFans.

Now she says she is embarking on a new fitness challenge.

And she was quick to reassure admirers who worry how weight loss might affect her physique.

Steph shared a new video with her half a million TikTok followers, posing in figure-hugging leggings.

She said: "So excited to be back on my fitness journey!"

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Turning to show her rear, she added: "I feel like this is just going to get bigger and juicier and better and perkier."

Fans gushed over the latest video.

One said: "God you're beautiful."

Another said: "In the least creepy way possible, I wanna end up with someone who’s built like you."

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Steph, of Ontario, Canada, says her natural curves – including 35-inch waist and 36DDD bust – have made her rich.

She joined OnlyFans in 2020, and despite initially hiding her face still earned up to £1,800 a month.

Since revealing her identity she has seen her earnings skyrocket.

She was able to quit her job as a makeup artist to go full time and claims she now earns £28,000 a month.

Steph said previously:  “Obviously, the majority of my audience subscribes to me for my wide hips and bum.

"I definitely don't think I would be as successful if my bum was smaller."

But it has not all been plain sailing, as she is often "shamed" by trolls who say she should "get a real job".

Some have even told her she is "seconds away from a heart attack"- but she shrugs it off saying she loves her body.

Steph said: "I've had people comment 20 times on a single video making fun of me and calling me every name you could imagine.

"Some are positive and happy to see a plus-size creator thrive in the porn industry. Others shame me for my body and career choice.

"I've been told often by men to 'get a real job' and that I should be ashamed that my money comes from sex work.

“It's funny to me because men are predominantly the ones creating the demand for this industry in the first place.

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"I doubt the men that tell me to get a 'real job' abstain from watching porn themselves.

"They are contributing to the demand for sex workers and I'm simply cashing in on it."

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