I found £15,000 cash in a shopping trolley – my next move made ‘tears roll’ but there was an ever better twist | The Sun

A SUPERMARKET worker was stunned after finding a huge wad of cash left by a customer, but the outcome of his actions left him shocked.

A Walmart employee found £15,000 left in a trolley but received a mind-blowing reward for what he did next.

After noticing an abandoned white envelope, Bismark Mensah who made around £7.50 an hour, discovered that there was £15,000 stuffed inside.

And because of the actions he took that afternoon, Mensah is now the proud owner of a plaque that names him the winner of Walmart’s national Integrity Action Award.

The Seattle Walmart worker from Ghana chased down the customer after she had begun to drive away from the shopping centre.

He had just helped the woman, Leona Wisdom, carry her shopping to her car.


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“I run after them. I think somebody heard me and signalled for them to stop,” he said.

Mensah handed her the cash filled envelope.

“She was like, ‘Wow!’ Tears are coming out. She took some money and tried to reward me. I said, ‘No, no. I’m all right,’ ”he said.

The Ghana immigrant said that he could afford his life at that time because he was staying with a friend of the family.

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The retail giant employee, who had recently emigrated to the U.S. hoped to pursue higher education so he could one day return home and help his family back in Africa.

Mensah admitted that the thought of taking the money for himself never crossed his mind.

“My conscience wouldn’t allow it," he said, "I couldn’t even drive home if I did that”.

The retail giant employee was commended for his kind-hearted service and received the prestigious award from his company.

Jeremy Smith, Mensah’s manager at the time in 2013, said he was “overwhelmed” by this “dramatic example” of integrity.

"Not only did he find the money, he looked at it and he literally chased the people down," Smith said.

"It wasn't like it was convenient for him or easy for him, this was something he willfully did above and beyond the call of duty."

The owner of the £15,000 says she called the store on multiple occasions to make sure Mensah’s managers were aware of his exemplary behaviour.

The caregiver who works with people who are disabled, was planning on using the cash for a down-payment on a house which is why she was so touched by Mensah’s actions.

She offered to take the honest worker out to dinner, and to even introduce him to her single daughter, both of which he declined.

Following his act of goodwill, Mensah was promoted to a full-time position at the Seattle Walmart, earning £7.66 an hour with benefits.

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